5 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice arrives in the northern hemisphere on between June 20 & June 22, (December 20-December 22 in the southern hemisphere.)

It’s a beautiful day to pause and soak in the abundant, rich, hot, fire energy of summer. Take a moment today to connect more deeply with yourself, and your Divine.

(For more information on why the Summer Solstice is meaningful & how it affects your spiritually & emotionally, click here.)

Here are 5 simple, yet meaningful, ways you can connect with the power of the Summer Solstice.


Find a spot to lie on your back in the sun. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. As you breathe begin reflecting on your inner strength–your fire. That part of yourself that is confident. And powerful. And badass. Picture that part of yourself as a fire burning inside of you; it may be fierce and strong, or it may only be a spark.

Feel the powerful, Solstice sun shine on you; with each breath pull that fierce, fiery, hot summer energy into your body. Picture its fire adding to your own inner fire. With each breath picture it growing and expanding.

Continue to breathe in the sun’s fire, absorb it as long as you’re able. When you rise, you will continue to carry that fire with you. Whenever your confidence wanes or you need to access your inner fire, picture it burning inside you.



Find a good spot to sit outside; perhaps a bench in the park, or a table outside at a cafe. Take a few deeps breaths to ground and center, let your spirit be charged in the sun for a moment.

Spend some time reflecting on these seasonally inspired questions:

  • Summer is the season of fire–Reflect on the fire that burns inside of you, that fire that makes you feel fierce and powerful. Express gratitude for that part of yourself. How does that fire manifest in your life? What has it helped you accomplish recently?
  • On the Summer Solstice, the sun is at its peakWrite about a time recently you felt at your peak. What are some peak moments you experienced this year? What have you accomplished recently that you feel really proud of?
  • This is also a time of letting go. Once the Solstice sun reaches its peak, it has completed its cycle, and we begin letting go as the days grow shorter againWhat has come to completion in your life? What are you realizing no longer serves you that you must let go of? How will letting go of these things allow you to change and grow?

Here’s some other great journal prompts for this time of year:



Because of the extra power this day holds, the Solstice is a great day to have a Reading. If you’re able to treat yourself to a professional reading, today is a fun day to do that. If not, do your own reading.

(Even if you’ve never experienced a reading before, the cards can still provide you with super interesting things to think about. I assure you, even total beginners can find this reading very insightful.)

As with all these rituals, if you’re able to do it outside, all the better. Find a comfortable spot and take several deep breaths to center yourself.

I’ve created a Summer Solstice Tarot Spread, with questions pertaining specifically to the energy of summer & our spiritual tasks at this time of year, just click here.

**(AND, it includes a free printable download!)**

When you’re ready draw your cards one at a time. Using the guide that came with your cards, read the meanings of the card & spend some time thinking about how that relates to the question you asked. (You can also find great definitions online for tarot here.)

Don’t worry about getting it “right”. There is no right or wrong. Just breathe, reflect, and see what comes up for you.



On the Summer Solstice the sun reaches its peak for the year. The sun completes its cycle of growth and we begin to let it go as the days start to grow shorter again.

While you watch this setting sun spend some time reflecting on what has reached its peak in your life. What have you accomplished that you feel really proud of?

We spend so much time focusing on the things we don’t complete. We’re always down on ourselves for the To Do’s we didn’t do. We don’t spend nearly enough time feeling proud of ourselves, acknowledging our accomplishments; big or small.

As you experience this setting sun, allow it to shine on the accomplishments you feel proud of. These can be Big accomplishments or accomplishments that feel mundane. Whatever it is, take a moment to feel proud of yourself.

As you enjoy this glorious sunset, tell yourself this, “ I am So. Damn. Proud of myself.” And mean it! Life is hard. Remind yourself that you’re rockin’ it.



This is a beautiful evening to light a campfire. You can also do this ritual by simply lighting a candle. This is the season of fierce forest fires, so definitely use the utmost safety and caution when lighting your fire.

Forest fires have the potential, of course, for astonishing destruction. But when it occurs naturally, that destruction can serve a purpose; it burns debris growing on the forest floor, it kills disease and illness, it enriches the soil, and it provides habitat for new life. This is the ideal time to invite that raging fire energy into our own lives and spirits. We can use that fire to burn away things that threaten our higher mental and emotional well-being.

After you’ve lit your fire, take a few deep breaths to ground and center yourself. Reflect on what “debris” you’d like to set fire to. What is no longer serving you that you are ready to burn away? Get really clear on what you need to let go of. Take a moment and jot these things down on scraps of paper.

Gazing at your fire, continue to take deep breaths. With each inhale draw in that fierce, hot fire energy. Really feel the fire entering your spirit. With each breath envision your fire growing larger and stronger, until it is raging within you.

When you are ready, toss your papers into the fire. (If you are using a candle, make sure you do this extremely carefully. Burn them in the sink or a fireproof bowl.)

As you watch the papers burn, envision that inner fire burning all your debris away. Once the papers are gone, and the fire has burned those things away inside you, begin to envision what your life looks like with these things now gone. What does your life feel like with the debris scorched out? What rich new life is going to take root? What will now grow stronger within you?

However you choose to do to mark this meaningful day, I really encourage you to set some time aside to take a moment today and connectwith yourself, with your Divineand soak in the powerful energy of this sacred day.

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