5 Simple (yet meaningful!)Ways to Celebrate Beltane

[Beltane is a joyful celebration of fertility present in nature, and the pleasures we get from being alive.

Nature has a miraculous ability to reproduce itself – to bring new life, new growth into the world. Right now, nature is bursting with this new life. This is the time we honor & celebrate, and are awwed, by this Divine power in nature. (Isn’t this time of year glorious?!)

The blossoms, the colors, the smells, the new warmth in the air – this is also a time of such pleasure in the natural world. It feels joyful, exciting, inspiring. It’s important that we pause here, at this spectacular time of year – and honor all the pleasures that being alive brings us!

Here are 5 simple ways you can connect with & celebrate this special, powerful, time of year.

Take a walk.

How to Celebrate BeltaneOne thing I incorporate into all my seasonal celebrations is a walk outside. You can plan something special: visit a new park, take a hike you’ve been wanting to explore. Or, just walk out your front door. (Don’t overcomplicate it.)

I like to look for the ‘signs of the season’ while I walk. What does nature look like right now? What’s budding? What’s blooming? What new flowers can you find? Also – what does it smell like this time of year? what does the air feel like? Can you check in with all your senses while you walk?

My daughter & I like to create little bouquets of seasonal flowers & foliage. Our rules are: only take something there is a lot of, and only take a few. We also never go into people’s yards, but shrubs & branches stretching over the sidewalk feel like fair-game. We’ll put them in a little vase & set them somewhere sacred: on our mantel, or a simple seasonal altar.

Breathe in the energy of this seasonal time as you walk. Remind yourself: what is happening in nature is also happening within you – in your life & in your spirit. New parts of you are also awakening, budding, and blooming this time of year. You are also beginning to stretch into the world in a new way – just like the vines, the shrubs, everything in nature beginning grow.

I really encourage you to take a walk like this at each important seasonal moment. It’s a simple way to connect with nature’s cycles & fuel your spirit with the supportive seasonal energy.

Create a simple Beltane ritual.

Beltane is an extremely powerful time to set intentions for yourself & your life. (Make sure you set intentions you can actually keep, read more here.)

On Beltane, the Earth is at Her most fertile. Everything is blooming & growing, and life is thriving. This is the time of year when the gardener begins to plant their garden. The Earth is rich & ready to grow whatever you want to bring to harvest this year. This rich, fertile atmosphere is perfect for planting your summer vegetables AND it’s perfect for planting new ideas & intentions you want to bring to life in the growing months ahead.

Here is a sweet, simple ritual you can use to literally plant your intentions into the rich, fertile Earth. And then water & tend them, so you can watch them grow. CLICK HERE

Put your hands in the dirt.

Simple ways to celebrate Beltane

Beltane is a time for getting out in the garden. It’s a really meaningful time to get your hands dirty. There are so many health benefits to putting your hands in the Earth. It has been proven to boost your mood, to decrease your anxiety & help with depression. It’s incredibly grounding for your body, mind & spirit.

Beltane is a celebration of the fertility inherent in nature. The rich, fertile soil is a vital part of nature’s divine ability to reproduce. By actually, physically, putting your hands in the Earth – you are infusing your own life, and the things you’re growing, with this rich, fertile energy.

If you don’t have outside space or a garden, that’s okay! Get a new plant, or an old one, and repot it, add new soil, etc. You can also plant some seeds to grow inside. Get creative.

Have sex.

(… with a partner, or alone.)

Beltane reminds us that being sexual is a very meaningful component of life. It reminds us that sex is sacred, it’s Divine. Sex is vital for the reproduction of life. And also, it has the power to provide deep, transcendent, overwhelming pleasure.

This is a powerful time of year to reclaim, and to reconnect with your own sexual energy. Not simply for the power sex has to create new life, but also for the pleasure it brings.

Beltane is a time to celebrate all the pleasures in being alive. At this time of year, every act of pleasure is a celebration of the life force within you. That is why your spirit chose this life, after all – to experience all the pleasures your Soul cannot experience without a human body to touch things & to feel things. This is the time to celebrate all the things you can do & feel in your human body.

Connecting with your own sexuality helps you connect with the part of yourself that creates things, the part that brings things to life. This is the work we are doing this season – bringing deeper parts of ourselves to life in the outside world, stretching ourselves, growing – and connecting with your sexual self makes you even more powerful in your ability to do this work. A really meaningful way you can celebrate this sacred time is by setting a special sexy date with yourself or your partner.

Light a candle & reflect.

Reflections & Journals Questions for BeltaneAn important part of my own seasonal rituals & celebrations is journaling & self-reflection. I use these sacred seasonal days as a time to check in with myself, to ask myself important questions related to where we are in the growth/life cycle, and realign where I need to. Because life is always this dance of reflecting & realigning in order to ensure my compass stays pointed in the direction my Soul intends.

You can create a simple, really meaningful seasonal celebration by lighting a candle & spending some time journaling. I have some great journal questions for Beltane at the end of this article, click here.

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  1. Edel Kearney Avatar

    As usual you are inspiring, Mother Nature must be very proud of a daughter like you.

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      💖 Edel, thank you. What a sweet thing to say. This comment made my day. Blessings to you, friend. xoeb

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