• Rest
• Dreaming
• Manifesting
• Exploring your shadows
• Embracing your Divine Feminine
• New hopes & ideas
• Reaching the end & fresh beginnings
• Tiny buds of new life stirring deep within
• Being tested in order to grow


Winter Solstice
Dec. 20-22

Feb. 1

Winter articles:

Winter articles:

This is the darkest, coldest time of year. The trees are bare, reminding us of the stark, bare beauty of things.

There is a special stillness in winter. Everything seems dead & frozen, but life is quietly unfolding deep in the darkness.

In late winter we begin to see the very first signs of spring. The trees begin to bud, crocuses begin poking up their heads. The ground may still be covered in snow but there’s a freshness in the air, a soft humming in the Earth … deep underground life is stirring.

There’s a great stillness this time of year. It’s a time of turning inward. It’s a time of rest. This is the time of the Dark Mother. A time when anything is possible. Just like the sun that is reborn at the Winter Solstice, new possibilities are born within us at this time of year.

If you want to change something in your life, now is a good time to work on it. The Dark Mother is the Giver of Gifts. She inspires us to give gifts to those we love. And she has gifts to give us in the form of new ideas, new inspirations.

Winter is a time of new beginnings. Soon we will begin to reawaken & we’ll begin looking forward to the projects & plans we’ll bring to fruition over the growing months to come.

But first we will have to go through a time of initiations. The time of starting new things & beginning to journeys. We will face challenges & be tested. We will have to leave what is comfortable in order to grow more full into ourselves.


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