What is the meaning of Lughnasa? How does it affect you spiritually?

How to Celebrate Lammas - What does Lammas Mean?


What is Lughnasa?

Lughnasa is an ancient Celtic holiday, celebrating the beginning of harvest season. With the arrival it of Christianity it became Lammas – the first grain harvest of the season.

Grain has been an important crop to almost every civilization since nearly the beginning of time. For many of us, we no longer spend time reflecting on the importance of grain. But for our ancestors the grain harvest was a matter of life or death.

The first harvest of the season is a sacred moment.


What’s happening in nature?

This is the Ripening time; the sun is at its hottest & is ripening the fruit on the trees & the vines. All of nature is opening to the sun, to bring forth their fruit in abundance.

The same thing is happening to you. This is the time to open yourself to the power of the sun & allow the fruit you’ve been cultivating to ripen. 

What is currently ripening in your life?
What are you ready to start harvesting? 

Despite the hot days still ahead, the energy of the sun has shifted. The days are getting noticeably shorter. We are beginning to see signs of the wheel of the year turning toward late-summer/autumn. 


How does Lughnasa support your personal & spiritual growth?

The summer sun is still fiery hot at this time of year. It is active, energetic & bold. This summer sun is helping to ripen your remaining harvests this season. 

Review your spring intentions, what did you plant in spring that is now flourishing and ready to harvest? 

Lughnasa brings a flow of vital energy that will fuel you for all the difficult tasks still to come this year.

Harvesting is hard work. Preparing for next year’s growth is hard work. The remaining sun & fire of summer provides us with the energy to finish our work this year. Soak up as much of it as possible.

Be cautious not to burn yourself out with summer’s intensity.

These late summer days are also days for rest. Rest as much as possible. Use this time to recharge your batteries.

You’ve already been working so hard this summer. Summer is fun & full of adventure, and it is also exhausting. This mid-point of summer reminds you to rest. Refuel for the months ahead.


What wisdom does Lughnasa have to share?

Protect & nurture what you plant.
You don’t just toss your seeds in the dirt & come back to an abundant harvest. The seeds you plant require loving care in order to truly blossom. Lughnasa/Lammas teaches us that if you tend your garden well–if you protect & nurture what you plant in your life–you will experience expansive growth & bountiful harvests.

Work hard & finish what you start.
Creating new growth in your life takes perseverance. Personal growth work, spiritual work–just like growing a garden–is hard work. If you give up on your garden in the middle of the summer, your beautiful plants will wither. This sacred day is teaching you to continue your hard work & finish what you start.

Rejuvenate your tired spirit. Refuel. All this growth work is hard. Harvesting is hard. The weeks & months to come, are still going to require hard work. Rest now. Recharge in the summer sun.

The death of the old, contains the seeds of new beginning.
This is one of the most magical parts of this time of year – the dying plants turn into seeds for next year’s growth. Things are drying out & dying but they contain the seeds for new life in the spring. In the dying body of the old is contained the mystery of renewal.

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