Ask Yourself These 4 Questions & Ignite Your Inner Fire for Summer

Full disclosure: I love journaling.

I have shelves of notebooks I wrote in my twenties. All filled with musings about life, the Universe, and my place within it all. (That, and my twenty-something woes … So. Many. Woes.)

These days I have far less time to sit and contemplate the meaning of it all. Also, I feel a lot less emotional about things than I did in my twenties. I no longer feel the need to retreat to my journal to process things that I’m upset about.

I’m much more interested in using journaling as a means for self-reflection. And, ultimately, as a tool for greater connection with myself and my Higher Power. (Please insert whatever name you use for the Divine.)

One powerful way we can do this is by connecting our self-reflection with the unique energy that’s present in whatever season we are in.

For example – spring is the time, of course, of new baby animals being born, of flowers bursting out on the bushes, gardens are being planted and new sprouts are coming to life. The energy present in spring is all about new life & new growth. The energy is warm like the sun and alive like the leaves on the trees.

We can infuse our lives with that same rich, spring energy, if we spend some time reflecting on new life and new growth and how we’d like to experience that in our lives.

So … grab a journal or a notebook, definitely your favorite writing pen, find a charming outdoor place to sit and let’s spend some time reflecting on these inspiring questions.

4 Questions to Fuel your Life with the Rich Energy of Spring

1) New growth often occurs after some kind of change or transformation. What transitions occurred for you over the winter and into the early weeks of spring?

2) What new things are sprouting to life in your world this spring? Are there things you were dreaming and planning through the winter months that are now showing signs of life around you?

3) Spring is, of course, a time for planting in the garden. It is also an excellent time to plant new seeds in your own life. What intentions would you like to plant for the weeks & months to come? What would you like to see grow & flourish for you this summer?

4) What do you hope to harvest in the fall? What is something you’d like to see yourself accomplish by then? Determine one task you could do before spring’s end to move you along that path.

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2 responses to “Ask Yourself These 4 Questions & Ignite Your Inner Fire for Summer”

  1. Nancy Murphy Avatar
    Nancy Murphy

    Love the thoughtful questions! Really inspires my journal writing. Thank you!

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      I’m so glad, Nancy. 💖💖 xoeb

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