The 5 Soul Lessons Summer’s Here to Teach You

5 Lessons of Summer: How Summer Inspires You to Be Your Fiercest Self

1. Honor your Inner Fire.

The element of Summer is fire.

At the Summer Solstice the sun is at its height. Its powerful fire will nourish and grow the plants in our gardens over the upcoming weeks and months. Fall’s harvests won’t come without the sun. In summer we are reminded our sun is sacred.

Just like Earth’s powerful sun, we each have our own inner fire. The fire that nourishes our hopes and our dreams.

Your Inner Fire is that fierce, powerful part of your Self that does the hard work of bringing your dreams to life. In the same way that crops would cease to grow without the Earth’s sun, your life would shrivel without your Inner Fire.

The summer’s sun is a reminder to celebrate your Inner Fire. Acknowledge that part of your Self. The fierce, powerful, badass part of your Self that resides within you. Take some time to recognize Her, acknowledge the important things your Inner Fire does for you. Have gratitude for that part of your Self. 

Here’s some really great journal Qs to ask yourself & connect with your Inner Fire this time of year. Click here.

2. Recognize and celebrate your own Divine Masculine.

We all have elements of both the masculine and the feminine that reside within us. One isn’t best. Both are important. Both are necessary.

As women, we often forget the masculine energy that resides within us. It’s not something we’re encouraged or reminded to connect with. And for our men, our culture primarily equates masculinity with aggression and anger.

We need to acknowledge the divine masculine that resides within each of us. We need to embrace that part of our Self and be grateful for the ways it empowers us.

Broadly defined, masculine energy is expansive energy. It’s passionate and it radiates. It’s just like the summer sun that is shining so strong and fierce and confident right now. It’s assertive and self-reliant. It’s bold and commanding. It builds and it creates.

It’s not a coincidence that we celebrate Father’s Day near the Summer Solstice. The Solstice is a celebration of the powerful, protective, paternal energy of the bright

3. Find balance between intense summer activity and important idle hours of summer relaxation.

Summer is a time of intense activity.

Historically, it was a time of working long hours tending the gardens and fields. Fewer of us have summer farm work to tend to these days. But still, our summers are jam-packed with plans, projects, activity, and adventure. Most of those are fun, exciting things we’re looking forward to. But … we’re busy. We have a lot of things going on. (Check yourself – are your summer weekends almost all booked already?)

Summer is a time of so much Going and Doing. But in the summer our spirits also yearn for long, lazy hours of sitting on the porch, sipping ice-cold lemonade, just reading a really good book.

We work hard in the summer. And we play hard in the summer. It’s important that we balance that intense activity with idle hours of rest. And relaxation. And just soaking in all that warm, radiant, delicious, rich summer sun.

Here’s some great reflections to help you plan a summer that balances fun & incorporating crucial summer rest into your life this season. Click here.

4. Once you’ve put in the hard work, you have to let go, be patient, and trust.

The summer fruit will ripen on the vines exactly when it’s ready.

You can’t rush it. You can’t control it. You have to just let go and be patient. You have to trust that you put in the hard work of planting and tending your garden, and know that it will bear fruit in its exact right moment.

The same is true for whatever juicy deliciousness you’d like to grow in your life, as well.

You have to be patient with yourself. And patient with any soul work you engage in. Have confidence in yourself and trust that you’ve already planted the seeds and your Inner Fire has already sparked its growth. And then … just let go.

The fruit of those seeds, your ideas & intentions, will ripen when they’re ready. You can’t rush it. You can’t control it. Just like the summer fruit on the vine, your dreams & intentions will ripen in their exact right, divine moment.

5. When something has reached completion, we have to let it go so we can change and grow.

On the Summer Solstice the days have grown the longest they can be. The sun has reached its peak and its cycle of growth is complete. It now begins its slow descent inward as the darkness gradually returns. And even though we’re celebrating the arrival of summer, it feels a little bit sad in our spirits to begin saying goodbye to the sun.

Every year the sun reminds us of this beautiful cycle of growth, and reaching your peak, and then letting go so you can change and grow and begin the cycle all over again.

And while change and growth is exciting and inspiring, it can also be sad letting go of things in our life that have reached completion.

It’s sad letting go of relationships, jobs, patterns, etc., in our lives once they’ve reached their peak and served their purpose. But, we have to let them go so we can change and grow.

And that’s sad. And, exciting.

Despite the sadness of letting go, remember … these moments of happiness and sadness are incredibly sacred. They are moments of big change. And big growth. They are moments of evolution in our lives.

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