• The Most Inspiring Facebook Pages for Wellness & Spirituality

    Need to reduce the social media mental clutter & replace it with some inspiration in your newsfeed? These are my favorite Facebook pages for daily doses of wisdom, insight, meditation, and bright shiny light. What are your go-to Facebook pages? Please let me know in the comments below! Danielle LaPorte Danielle LaPorte is a divine force. […]

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  • A Simple Way to Create a Meaningful Spiritual Practice

    My dear friends, Today marks one month since The Seasonal Soul went live. In that month, I’ve spent so much time thinking and reflecting on what, exactly, The Seasonal Soul is. “An online magazine & blog exploring simple, inspired ways to connect our souls to the season.” That’s what I’ve said The Seasonal Soul is. But, […]

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  • What is The Seasonal Soul?

    What is The Seasonal Soul?

    So what is The Seasonal Soul? The Seasonal Soul is an online magazine & blog exploring simple, inspired, meaningful ways to connect your soul with the seasons. I believe the seasons have an effect on us. Just like they affect the trees and the flowers and the cycles of nearly all living things on Earth […]

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