How To Survive Election Day & Be a Spiritual Superhero

You guys … it is a GORGEOUS autumn election day here in the PacificNW. The sun is shining, there’s not one single cloud in the sky. The leaves are so vibrant & colorful against the backdrop of beautiful blue. It’s an amazing day.

It feels so positive. It feels fresh & uplifting. It feels like a new day dawning.

(… And thank gawd, right?! This election cycle has been absolutely brutal.)

I have felt so down and really bummed out by all the negativity & the hatred, all the ugliness & fear this election has brought into the world.

It’s all so toxic.

I know it’s played a big part in this emotional funk I’ve been wading through the last couple of weeks. (Has anybody else felt it?) I had a couple days where all I could do was crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head.

It’s just too much for an emotional, loving, empathetic spirit to take. None of us are immune to it.

One thing I’m actively working on in my life right now is just allowing myself to feel whatever emotions I’m feeling. Instead of judging & resisting & fighting against them, just feel them. Just let them wash over me like a wave.

If we allow ourselves to simply feel and receive, instead of resisting, then these times at the bottom of the emotional barrel are opportunities for deep spiritual growth.

This is true for us as individuals and I believe this is true for us collectively, as well.

This is a moment, an opportunity, for profound spiritual growth: for us as individuals and for us collectively, as well.

For me, I came out of that emotional funk realizing I want to be a beacon of love and light in the world right now. Instead of adding to the negativity, I’ve been consciously working to make my interactions, and reactions(!), come from a place of love.

And let me tell you, it’s been fascinating to see how that approach actually seems to disarm people who are coming at you with such fierce negativity. When you react with love, everything softens … They soften. The interaction softens. Your feelings toward them soften. It’s really quite beautiful.

And all I said was, “Instead of spreading such negativity let’s work together to elevate the conversation.” And, “regardless of our different points of view, I send you love.”

Love, people.

Love is the antidote to hate. And fear.

Love is like a comic book hero’s Super Power. Shining love and light onto all the negativity zaps it away–it banishes it from this world.

I think that’s what this election cycle is all about, that’s what all this turmoil and hatred and overwhelming toxicity is here for, to remind us to Love.

To love those close to us, yes. (But that’s the easy part.) We also need to love the hard parts, too. The ugly parts, the scary parts, the parts that we disagree with, the parts that get under our skin and the parts that make us so angry we just want to scream.

I’m certain it could be argued that those are the parts that need our love the most.

Those are the parts that need our love the most.

So let’s dig deep, friends. Let’s dig deep and send our love, fiercely, to those people that make us angry, to those people spewing negativity and hatred, to those things that are currently making our blood boil.

Take a deep breath and send them love. Send them love and light and a small wish that they’ll receive a beautiful opportunity to open their hearts and their minds.

Let that be your mantra today. Carry it with you through this hyper-emotional week.


Just … Love.

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