Powerful Journal Qs To Ask Yourself With Each Full Moon

One of the first things you learn when you begin studying the cycles of the Moon, is how the new moon & the full moon are related in each month’s cycle.

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, a new monthly cycle. New moons are traditionally a time for planting new seeds and new intentions; it’s a powerful time to begin new projects or endeavors.

The full moon represents something coming into culmination. The moon has reached the height of her cycle, and likewise, you reach the height of your power. This is the time when the new intentions you set at the new moon begin to come to fruition.

Then, the power begins to wane as the moon diminishes until the cycle begins again with the next new moon.

This energy of new beginnings to culmination and then diminishing and starting again happens every month, as the moon goes through its cycle. AND, it also occurs in a larger, annual cycle.

Each month the new & full moons occur in different astrological signs. This month (October 2019) the new moon was in Libra, and Sunday’s full moon is in Aries. Just like the moons are connected within an individual 28-day cycle, they’re also connected by the astrological sign they occur in. When a full moon occurs in a particular sign, it is connected to the new moon that occurred in that same sign. (Generally  about 6 months earlier.)

This weekend’s full moon in Aries is connected to the new moon that occurred in Aries, back in early April 2019. This full moon is bringing things to culmination that began with April’s new moon.

It is a really powerful exercise, with each full moon, to look back on what was occurring for you during the time of the corresponding new moon. You’ll often find similar things coming up for you. Things you were working on then may be coming up again, or perhaps you find you’re moving these things forward in a major way.

I really encourage you, with this weekend’s full moon, to look back on what was occurring for you around April’s new moon, on 5 April 2019. Read old journal writings you have. If you don’t keep a journal–1) I HIGHLY encourage you to start!!–but 2) I find it very helpful to look back on my calendar, remembering things I was doing around that time can be helpful in jogging your memory. Also, looking back on any social media posts you may have made.

Here’s some powerful journal Qs to ask yourself on each full moon:

⭐ What was coming up for you during the corresponding new moon (around Nov. 8). What were you experiencing? What were you going through?

⭐ What was newly beginning for you at that time?

⭐ Are any of these things coming up for you again now? Have you moved forward with any of these things? Have you experienced any growth in this part of your life?

⭐ Is there anything you can do now–one simple action item you can give yourself–to continue moving these things forward in your life?

I try to do this exercise with every full moon. This is the only full moon ‘ritual’ I do every month. I create some time & space for myself, reflect, and ask myself these questions.

This becomes a really beautiful record & reflection of how you’re growing, and how you’re moving things forward in your life.

Too often we feel like we’re not growing, we’re not ‘getting anywhere’. But usually, it just feels that way because we don’t have an effective way of reflecting on what’s happening in our lives. It’s hard to recall how things have changed over the past several months, if anything. This practice has helped me see I am, indeed, making forward movement in my life. Growth & change is happening. I believe this can do the same for you.

I encourage you to find some time around this weekend’s full moon (and every full moon) as ask yourself these questions.

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  1. Whitney Sause Avatar
    Whitney Sause

    Thank you for the writing prompt!

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      You’re so welcome, Whitney!! xo

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