A Simple Way to Create a Meaningful Spiritual Practice

My dear friends,

Today marks one month since The Seasonal Soul went live.

In that month, I’ve spent so much time thinking and reflecting on what, exactly, The Seasonal Soul is.

“An online magazine & blog exploring simple, inspired
ways to connect our souls to the season.”

That’s what I’ve said The Seasonal Soul is. But, deep in my heart, is that really what I set out to create?

A magazine? Connecting our souls to the season? (What does that mean, exactly?!)

Now that The Seasonal Soul is created and its a thing that I can reflect on and absorb, I’ve spent a lot of time asking myself these two questions:

• What is The Seasonal Soul to me?
• What exactly am I creating with The Seasonal Soul?

I realized what I’m truly setting out to create is not so much a magazine, as a practice.

Ultimately, I am working to create a deeply meaningful, simple and approachable, seasonal spiritual practice for myself and my family.

I am working to create a deeply meaningful,
simple and approachable,
seasonal spiritual practice.


I have always felt drawn to the seasons as my connection to the Divine.

I have always known, intuitively, that this is where my spirituality resides.

In the ebb and flow of the Earth. In her seasons. Her cycles. The spinning of the Wheel. This is what feels powerful to me. And tangible. And real. And also, magical.

For me, this is where we can touch the Divine. This is where we can tap into the Sacred Wisdom of the Universe.


I have always craved a spiritual practice that revolves around these cycles of the year.

A practice that acknowledges and celebrates the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

Those powerful planetary days where the energy is palpable. When the Earth and the Sun and everything is in perfect balance, or at their zeniths. These are the days that feel holy to me.

These are the days on which I want to pause and reflect. I want to use the energy and the wisdom of these powerful seasonal moments to connect more deeply with myself and with the Divine.

And this, I realized, is the heart of what The Seasonal Soul truly is.


The Seasonal Soul is a simple, approachable, meaningful seasonal spiritual practice.

So what, exactly, am I creating with The Seasonal Soul?

I am creating a spiritual practice that centers around the changing seasons and the cycles of the Earth as our connection with the Divine.

I want to use the energy and the wisdom available at each of the different seasons to connect more deeply with myself, as well as with the Divine. (Because, really, there is no difference.)

I want to acknowledge the Solstices & the Equinoxes as the powerful, sacred, holy days that they are and engage in simple, meaningful rituals to honor these days and our connection.

I want to engage with my children in this practice. And teach them about the profound connection we have with the changing seasons and the Wheel of the Year, and the wisdom and energy available to us if we take the time to learn.


Please join me as we approach the upcoming Summer Solstice.

In the weeks to come I will be providing information and ideas about:

• How the Summer Solstice is meaningful and why it matters to you.

• What’s happening in nature at this time of year, and how that affects what’s happening in our lives.

• What lessons does summer teach us about life, the Universe & ourselves? And how we can use those lessons to reflect and connect more deeply with ourselves and the world around us?

• We’ll explore simple, beautiful rituals we can do to honor the season and to connect more deeply with ourselves and the Divine.

• And we’ll look at ways we can connect with our children at this time of year. And simple ways to teach them about the beauty and the meaning of the season.

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