How To Move Forward When the Future Suddenly Seems So Dark

What a day, right? I can’t even write about my feelings about all this yet. It’s really overwhelming. And it’s really heavy.

But I’ll tell you, I am so heartened by the outpouring of love I’ve witnessed today. People telling each other they’re loved. Friends. Teachers. Strangers. Sisters. Mothers. I’ve witnessed so many beautiful exchanges of love today. People just reaching out and reminding each other they are loved. We are loved.

Even though it feels like love was dealt a real blow, I’ve witnessed and felt more love today than almost any other day I can remember.

That’s something, right? Let’s continue carrying that forward with us.

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This has all felt so big, and so heavy. It’s confusing and really disorienting. So this morning I had an inspiration to ask the Tarot some questions.

Now, one thing you have to know about me is I am 100% a total Tarot novice.

I enjoy drawing Tarot cards on those sacred days at the change of the seasons. Sometimes I’ll draw cards on the New or Full Moons. But I, basically, don’t know what I’m doing. I just draw cards with some questions or framework, read their descriptions and just meditate on what that might mean in my own life.

But’s here’s the beautiful thing about Tarot, I think that’s basically all there is to it.

Of course, the learning and study you could do surrounding Tarot is deep and by know means am I discounting those talented people who have a real knowledge and understanding of Tarot.

BUT! You can also just pull cards and see what the Tarot brings up for you. I find it to be totally enlightening every. single. time. Every time.

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So, not knowing what to think, or what to feel, or how to make sense of any this election madness, I felt inspired to ask my gorgeous Chrysalis Tarot Deck some questions.

I asked:

1. What do we need to KNOW?

2. What do we need to DO?

3. What does the FUTURE hold?

First, The whole experience totally blew my mind.

I usually just sit, take a few breaths, and ask the cards my question. This morning I felt I needed to light a candle and really spend some time grounding and connecting before I drew these cards.

I spent some time really connecting to the Earth. Grounding into my root chakra and extending a connection deep, deep into the Earth. I love the imagery of sending a root down into the ground and wrapping it around a crystal deep in the Earth. It really makes me feel solidly anchored.

Then 2, I opened my crown chakra and connecting with the chakras above my head and extending up into the heavens. I spent a few moments drawing white light down through all my chakras and deep down to the Earth through that root connection.

And you guys(!) like a bolt of lightening when I opened up to that white lights it, very clearly, brought with it this message:

Your time is NOW.
Your time is RIGHT NOW!
Let’s fire this shit up!!

You guys, let’s fire this shit up. Our time is RIGHT NOW.

Here’s what else the cards had to say …

1. What do we need to KNOW?

Post-Election Tarot Reading. Read more at www.TheSeasonalSoul.comI drew the Three of Stones.

Stones cards represent the Real World. Earth & nature. Happiness, prosperity.

(Interestingly, all 3 cards drawn were Stones cards. Indicating this reading definitely pertains to the Real World issues we are currently facing.)

This card tells us our efforts–our hard work, our dedication–HAVE paid off. It hasn’t been fruitless. But the journey continues. There is still work to be done. 

The 3 wise owls tell us it is time to move forward. (3’s in Tarot signify advancement.)

The 3 owls are named Strength, Courage & Interconnectedness. Don’t doubt these things. Don’t doubt their presence in our lives. We have all 3. And, we need all 3.

Let Strength, Courage & Interconnectedness guide us forward. 

The 3 symbols on the cave are Celtic symbols of protection. In this work, and on this journey, we are protected by the Divine.

This card affirms that we are on the right path.
And we need to continue forward.

And moving forward requires us to have trust and confidence in the Unseen Realm. We may not understand it now, but take heart, and trust! Because we are on our path. 

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2. What do we need to DO?

Post-Election Tarot Reading. Four of Stones. Read more at www.TheSeasonalSoul.comI drew the Four of Stones.

This card is asking us to push aside our material possessions, and the material realm, in order to continue climbing the path toward higher consciousness & enlightenment.

We have certainly become a society far too attached to the material. 

We just have too much stuff. Stuff as in things, but also stuff as in noise and clutter. We’re filling our houses and our minds with too much stuff, stuff we don’t use or need.

The material realm is the realm of Ego. 

We need to push all that aside and elevate our thinking. 

And we need to Give. Give whatever you can, to whomever you can. Most of us have too much anyway.

We can choose what we already have–the material realm hoarded into our treasure chests. Or, we can choose to push all that aside, give, and move forward into something new.

Knowing, whatever awaits us through that doorway, will fill ten-thousand treasure chests.

3. What does the FUTURE hold?

Post-Election Tarot Reading. Read more at www.TheSeasonalSoul.comTHE MINSTREL, King of Stones.

The minstrel arrives playing the cheerful, relaxing music we all desperately need to hear.

His cheerful nature confirms financial and physical well-being.

He is a gentle soul whose relaxing tunes provide a much needed healing touch.

The Minstrel presence signifies we will discover spiritual meaning and higher purpose in a world that currently undervalues it.

Take heart, our work will help create a harmonious relationship between the material realm and spiritual worlds.

We are going to be okay.
We will be healed.

The music lover in me also hopes he signifies the emergence of our own minstrel. A musician, poet, loving teacher sent to teach us and guide us.

For today, I’ll embrace the message of this beautiful minstrel …

If you’re interested in exploring this Tarot Deck further, or would like to check out other gorgeous art by the deck’s illustrator, visit Holly Sierra’s Etsy shop. Her work is beautiful!

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