How This Solar Eclipse Wants You to Transform (w/ journal prompts for meaningful insight)

The Solar Eclipse is a very powerful astrological phenomenon. Eclipses bring with them very potent energy; creating opportunities for massive transformation & growth in our lives.

Here’s what I’m learning about the upcoming solar eclipse, on Wednesday, April 19:

The Solar Eclipse is a New Moon magnified

Solar eclipses only occur during a New Moon. (Similarly, lunar eclipses only occur during a Full Moon.) The New Moon represents new beginnings–one cycle comes to a close and a new one begins.

The New Moon is a powerful time to start something new–plant new seeds you want to grow in your life. New Moons initiate new ideas. They bring new dreams to life.

The Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, amplified.

Something new is beginning in a larger, more profound way. A whole chapter in your life is coming to a close & a new one is beginning. 

This Solar Eclipse is about letting your True Self shine so you can transform & start a new chapter more aligned with your Soul. 

New moons begin a new 4-week cycle. The Solar Eclipse is a much longer cycle in your life. This eclipse is part of a several-year cycle that connects with the last total solar eclipse, in November 2022.

*Look back on what was happening in your life around November 2022 (the last solar eclipse). Was something happening or beginning in your life then? Do you see a connection, or an echo on the same theme?

The Earth moves into the shadow of the Moon. 

Likewise, this is a time when we see glimpses of our own shadows. During an eclipse, your shadow may be revealing itself to you; it may be leaving you little (or even not so little) clues.

* Pay attention to what’s coming up for you right now. What’s trying to get your attention?

A good clue into your shadow is to pay attention to what irritates you. Where do you feel annoyed? What makes your body constrict? These are beautiful clues into the messages your shadow is sending you.

During the solar eclipse, the sun gives way to darkness. Ancient people believed the eclipse was a moment of awakening–the darkness is revealing itself in the light of day in order to be transformed.

* What wants to be revealed right now within you? What is currently in darkness & hidden from your view that wants to be revealed in order to be transformed?

This is a powerful time to let go old patterns & habits that no longer server you. 

During an eclipse, our shadows are being revealed so we can clearly see what we need to let go. What have you been carrying around that you need to just get rid of already?!!

*Because this is the end of a 2-year cycle, there might be something that’s been brewing for awhile. Have you already identified old ways of operating that you know it’s time to let go of?

Now is the time! This is the moment, this is where you turn that page. This is the time to let that old shit go & let yourself shift into your a new, beautiful cycle.

*What has been revealing itself to you recently that you want to release?

The Lunar Eclipse on May 5 is helping us with this. What’s been coming up for you since then? Has the Universe been nudging you to pay attention to something & release it?

Everything isn’t necessarily clear right now.

Here’s the big thing about eclipses … they occur in the shadows. So everything might not be totally clear to you right now. 

It might not be clear what’s ending & what’s beginning. You might not be seeing nudges from your shadow, or have any idea what you need to let go of. But all these things are happening under the surface.

Things will unfold over time–it’s not all clear yet. Focus on ways you can be more aligned with your True Self & the rest will unfold on its own. 

Things are brewing. It’s all just beginning to unfold. Some of it we may see, but much of it we may not. Just be open, and present.

Because …

This is a time of transformation.

This eclipse season is revealing your shadows, showing you what you need to let go of–in order for you to be transformed

You move you into deeper alignment with your Soul when you release the things that no longer serve you. 

These changes, however, might not be immediately clear. Just like the sun being blocked by the moon, this eclipse might block us from seeing the whole story.

But what is clear is that this is a time of major transformation in your life. Something is unfolding that is ushering in a whole new chapter in your life. There will be more clarity over the coming weeks & months as the eclipse energy passes & things unfold.

*Where do you see transformation occurring in your life? What feels like it’s ready to shift & transform right now?

This Eclipse wants your True Self to emerge.  

As you move into deeper alignment with your Soul, your True Self spends more time at the forefront. This Eclipse is helping all of us reveal our true selves.

*Where can you be more aligned with your Soul? What feels out of alignment? Are there practical ways you can bring more alignment to that part of your life? 

The Sun is the light, it’s what we see during the day–it’s your Ego, what you show the world. The Moon is your shadow–the part you keep hidden, the part that only gets revealed in the darkness.

During the eclipse, darkness falls on the Sun–on your ego. Suddenly your Soul, which is only revealed in the dark, is revealed in the middle of the day.

This Solar eclipse is asking you to reveal yourself. It is exposing your True Self so you can honor who you truly are. 

During this solar eclipse your inner light, your spark–the True Self that you keep hidden–is given permission to step forward, into the light of day. 

This Solar Eclipse wants you to shed the masks you have been wearing, let go of the ways you block your light, so you can connect with your True Self & start a new chapter.

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    Thank You Erin for the Winter Solstice Guidebook. I love page 2 with the sacred wheel showing all the important dates in our yearly cycles — clear and simple to visualize the energies.

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      Aww, thank you Heather. I really appreciate your sweet note. xo erin

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