Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby


Mid-spring brings us joy. It reminds us of the power, the beauty, and the pleasures of being alive. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comMid-Spring is a Super Sexy Time of Year

Everything is just really damn sexy.

The colors! They’re so vibrant and rich. Those brand new baby green leaves on the trees are, like, day-glo. The flowers right now are so seductive and gorgeous. And their scent! Have you smelled a freshly bloomed rose yet?! They’re so sensual and delicious. The garden is also being all sexy and provocative. I mean … have you seen the asparagus shooting up right now?! They are standing so … err … erect. All proud, and sexy, and mature.

It is really just a super sexy time of year.

Life’s Ability to Reproduce is Magic

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comAnd it is amazing the ability Earth and nature has to be so stunningly fertile and rich and to reproduce itself year after year. It is an amazing, complex, beautiful and miraculous process, this ability nature has to renew itself and to grow new life.

When I was pregnant with my kids I remember having moments where I was just awestruck and completely dumb-founded by the fact that Ben and I just created this new life. There wasn’t a life before and now there is. And we just made that. Life.

That is some pretty badass shit right there, the human ability to create life. (Not to mention totally vital to our ongoing existence as a species on Earth.)

Our ability to create new life is definitely a human Super Power worthy of acknowledging. And right now, when the Earth, herself, is totally fertile and flourishing and reproducing, now is a really good time of year to not only acknowledge that Super Power, but to celebrate and honor our ability to create new life.

And when I suggest we celebrate our ability to create new life, I don’t only mean our bodies’ biology, I also mean celebrating the act of creating new life.

I’m talking ‘bout sex, baby.

Honor the Fertility and Sexual Vitality in Nature and in Ourselves

Let's Talk About Sex. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comHere at mid-spring, when nature is all sexy and flowering, now is the perfect time to give a shout out to sex for its vital role in our lives.

I mean, without someone having sex (or performing a sexual act) you and I would not be here. We literally OWE OUR LIVES to sex.

Yet, our culture has developed such a warped, twisted and super complicated view of sex. We’ve lost sight of it as a necessary component of creating new life. Instead so many in our culture views sex as shameful, immoral and scandalous. We need to remember that sex is crucial.

Sex is vital. Sex is sacred. Sex is special and it is beautiful.

Also … sex feels amazing.

Good sex – pleasureable, consensual, mature sex – is AH!MAZING!! It is an absolute miracle the amount of pleasure the human body can create and experience.

In our culture we need to remember and honor sex as a vital component to life, yes. But, we also need to celebrate sex for its capacity to bring us divine, powerful pleasure

One of my fundamental, core beliefs is that we, as humans, are born perfect. Our bodies are perfect. We are not born with any part of ourselves that is bad, dirty, or unnatural. I believe you come into this world a perfect, divine being. We are created perfect. Everything we are given, we are meant to enjoy. If we were not meant to enjoy sex, and experience it for the simple purpose of feeling pleasure … it wouldn’t feel so damn good. We’d simply drop our pollen dust on each other like glitter and be done with it.

But instead, sex feels good. It feels damn good.

Sex is Sacred

Mid-spring is a message sent to us from the Universe from the Source Energy, to remind us of the divine power of sex to create life and BRING US JOY & PLEASURE.

The vibrant colors, the rich, sexy rose scents, the phallic vegetables in the garden – its all a reminder that life is about feeling good. It’s about being joyful. And it’s about celebrating all those things that bring us joy.

Mid-spring brings us joy. It reminds us of the power, the beauty, and the pleasures of being alive.

Your Seasonal Soulwork

Couple watching sunset to celebrate mid-spring. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comOne awesome mid-spring tradition to begin this year is to plan a special May Day date with your partner. Do something extra special together, plan a way for you to really connect. Take a walk, get a special meal, light some candles and spend some time creating some sexy, sacred space together.

If you don’t have a partner you can still take time to honor yourself, to honor your body and all the ways it makes you feel good. Schedule a massage. Take a candlelit bath. Plan a special date night for yourself. I’ll remind you, there’s a lot of ways that our bodies feel good, we don’t need a partner to enjoy a myriad of pleasure our bodies can experience. Treat yourself to a really sweet new toy. Explore what lights your fire. Ain’t no shame in that game, girl. Do yourself right.
At mid-spring, forces larger than us are flowing through us & every act of pleasure becomes a celebration of the life force within us. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.com
Whatever it is … take some time in these mid-spring days to make yourself feel good. To make your body feel good. To make your partner feel good. Give pleasure. Receive pleasure. Really celebrate your ability to feel good in your mortal, human body. And give thanks for the power, the beauty and the pleasures of being alive.

I’d really love to hear your feedback, your comments and thoughts on this article in the comments below.

What do you think about our society’s views on sex and sexual pleasure? What are some ways you think we can reclaim the sacred in sex? Did you plan a special mid-spring date, either solo or with your partner? Could you feel the palpable, rich energy of the season?


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2 responses to “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Such a down to Earth, uncomplicated, and not commercial view of sex- Love it! Thank you…I feel like you are eloquently saying the thoughts that have swirled in my head for many years.

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Thanks Sarah!!

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