How February’s New Moon Cycle Supports Your Personal Growth

This month’s New Moon is a moon of mystery. The season is almost ready to change but we’re still in this mysterious “in-between” time. Winter’s not quite over but you can feel spring’s beginning.

This is a time of excitement. Spring is on the horizon. This coming season holds so much promise & you can feel its new beginnings tugging at your spirits. We’re eager to get moving into spring’s fresh, exciting energy.

But, true to this in-between nature, your excitement may also be mixed with a bit of irritability. We can feel the wheel is clearly turning & you may be anxious to get on with it already. But, in fact, it’s actually not quite spring yet. And this time of year is asking us to be patient.

This is a time of blustery, rapidly changing winds. We’re preparing for the vibrant time of new growth to come, but we’re still in this time of really quick changing energies. 

These forces are creating a month whose energy can be mysterious & also a bit moody. (We’re anxious & excited, and also feeling a little bit irritated.) But this mystery & moodiness also has very deep, psychic qualities about it.

This is a time of awakening, we can see glimpses of that all around. You can feel it. And it’s a time of the illumination that comes with waking up, but this illumination still has a very sleepy quality about it. (Is it real? Or is this all still a dream?)

This moon cycle is like that space where you’re waking up, but you’re not fully awake yet–that “in-between” space. 

Our bodies are finally beginning to feel recharged & refreshed after our winter’s rest. This is definitely contributing to our anxiousness to move into spring. But, our minds are still in a sleepy state.

Your consciousness is very connected to spirit right now. 

You know how the dreams you have in that in-between space, right before you wake up, are often the most potent, and really vivid & very rich? This is the space we’re in this month.

This is a deeply spiritual, really seeking time of year. Your dreams, your subconscious, Spirit–these are all really accessible this month. And if you open to that connection, this is a month of really, really deep spiritual energy–as much as you can handle (possibly more).

Because of this, it is really, really important to keep yourself firmly grounded into the Earth this month.

Because this is also a super moody month.

Being open to all this spiritual energy can bring up a lot of intense emotion. And you’ve also got all these blustery winds swirling everything up. It can all feel really chaotic & out of balance. 

And in this in-between space, it may feel a bit like you’re not fully awake & you haven’t had any coffee yet. We all may be feeling foggy headed & a bit grouchy, frankly.

Remember to be really, really sensitive to whatever emotions are swirling around you this month. And know that they will be swirling around you. Try to be a curious observer to whenever you’re feeling irritated, moody, or overwhelmed. Don’t judge yourself for any of your feelings.

Letting your emotions flow will help you get through this month more easily. Just allow whatever you’re feeling, try not to get stressed or overwhelmed if things feel a bit crazy & out of balance. Blocking this flow, trying to hold back the swirling winds, will only contribute to the moodiness of the month ahead.

Instead, just feel whatever you need to feel. Let things feel crazy & trust that the winds will die down shortly. And, again, ground into the Earth so you can really absorb the rich natural medicine available to you right now.

You have the ability right now to pierce through realms that aren’t usually open to you. 

This is the last drawing in of all the lessons & wisdom you gained over the past year’s experiences. This is the very bottom, end of the inhale, before you … ahhh … exhale–and explode into the new growth & the rich vibrant beauty that’s just ahead in spring.

But first, allow yourself this deep, juicy inhale–all the way down to your very core.

This is a time of immeasurable spiritual development. But you need to be so incredibly patient in this work.

Allow yourself that deep, deep, big breath inhale–soak in every last bit of winter’s magic–before you release ecstatically into the vibrant growth & beauty of spring. 

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2 responses to “How February’s New Moon Cycle Supports Your Personal Growth”

  1. William H Retherford Avatar
    William H Retherford

    Thanks Erin. This is very timely and relevant for me right now.

  2. Ali Mitchell Avatar
    Ali Mitchell

    Thank you for this beautiful amazing email. Just what i needed to hear and beautifully described. Blessings to you

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