3 Ways to Evolve with February’s Full Moon

Late-winter is a time of Initiations.

It’s a time of being tested, a time of facing challenges. In order to begin something new you have to change. Before you can grow into something new, you have to leave behind what is safe & comfortable 

This time at late-winter is a time of personal & spiritual initiations.

Right now (in the northern hemisphere) we are beginning to turn noticeably outward, after weeks & months of inner reflection.

If we look back on the Wheel of the Year, you recall that autumn was the season of letting go. Like the leaves falling from the trees, we looked at what we needed to let go of in order to grow & change.

As we turned into winter, the time of resting & dreaming, new dreams & ideas are being born. And, like the new sun born at the Winter Solstice, all this potential for a New You was also born.

It’s been weeks & months of all this really intense inner work & growth. And now, as the energy turns outward, this is where you start to take all those things you’ve been working on out into the world–all the changes you want to make, this New You you want to grow into. And those dreams are starting to show signs of life buzzing & life sprouting up around you.

And this change & growth is exciting, but it can also be reallllly uncomfortable.

Often, growth requires us to be uncomfortable.
It’s through that discomfort–through challenging yourself, letting go of what is safe & taking risks–where you truly grow & evolve. 

This is your spiritual task through the remainder of winter. This is your initiation:
Can you shed the layers you need to shed in order to grow? Are you willing to challenge yourself & be uncomfortable to make the changes you want to make in your life? 

I think yes!

This is a powerful time. The season energy is behind you. The force of nature is behind you, encouraging you & fueling you in your work to grow this spring. You got this. Rock & roll.

Below are 3 ways to embrace the changes happening right now. These 3 exercises will help you let go of old habits & stories so you can move forward as your Soul evolves.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox


Your subconscious gets lazy, it likes to file things away quickly & easily. When you do the same things, the same routines, your subconscious runs the same scripts you always repeat to yourself: “You’re not strong. You’re not a runner. You can’t do this.”

Your subconscious mind often forgets you’ve grown. And, growth is scary. So your mind tries to keep you safe & filed into the same boxes.

Let’s shake things up!

Do something new. Do something that challenges you, something that pushes an edge you have. Your subconscious doesn’t know where to file these new experiences & forces it to run new scripts: “Hmm … maybe I actually am really tough. How else can I surprise myself??!”



Just like trying something new, giving something up forces your subconscious to begin telling new stories.

What is something you know in your heart is holding you back? What is something you just know would really benefit you to let go of? (Social media detox? Smoking? No dairy?)

Find something that really challenges you, and plan to give it up for the month. Choose something that will shake things up & make you feel uncomfortable. Something you’ll feel really frickin’ proud of when the month is up.



Sometimes you reach a point where you cannot move forward with your old, comfortable ways of operating. In order to grow & evolve to the depths you desire, you have to let go of old parts of yourself that just don’t serve you anymore.

Letting go of those old parts of ourselves, as much as we may desperately want to, is really, really hard. Spend some time writing those parts of yourself a letter. Let that old version of yourself know she can’t walk with you down this road anymore.

Thank her for all she’s done for you. Because everything she does is to protect you. Thank her for that. Embrace her & give her so much love. But let her know she can’t come with you any further.

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Whatever changes & transitions you’re experiencing over these last weeks of winter, remember to let go & be in the flow.

Things may feel chaotic & wild–trust the ride. Remember, spring is right around the corner. It will bring any needed balance back into your life & spirit. ❤

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love, erin[

4 responses to “3 Ways to Evolve with February’s Full Moon”

  1. Chris Johnson Avatar
    Chris Johnson

    There are no coincidences and I’m so glad I’ve finally found you! I’ve always been a lover of nature and am so excited to use it for personal growth and development. Thank you for being the catalyst to that!

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      It’s so true, Chris. There are no coincidences. I am so glad you’ve found your way here!! xo

  2. Tanya Avatar

    I will take on these challenges.I have had a very hard year last year and I am still struggling. I lost my dad in September after his battle with cancer, and I have found myself just….stagnant. I just seem to be living day to day one foot in front of the other. Not slowing down and not dealing. I am the mom of two amazing teenagers, and it is time to come out and feel the sun again and refocus. Finding time for me to quiet my mind is scary, because I don’t know what will pop to the surface. I guess we will see……)0(

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Tanya ❤ Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your story & your struggles. I am so sorry you have had such a difficult year, and I am VERY sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Losing a parent is a difficult transition, and mourning – I’ve discovered – is not a linear process. The best thing you can do is to nurture yourself, and listen to whatever your spirit needs as you move through this difficult time. I am sending you so much love!! xoxo

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