A Sweet Spring Equinox Ritual for Kids & Families

An important part of my spiritual practice is planning a family celebration to observe the Sacred Seasonal Days–the equinoxes & the solstices.

I try to make these as simple as possible, to ensure we actually do the seasonal celebrations. I’ve found the more complicated the plans are, the greater the likelihood I’ll just feel tired & overwhelmed, and just skip it all together when the day rolls around.

So sometimes, we just take a walk & talk about the seasons changing. If that’s all you’ve got, the kids will love being outside collecting signs of spring.

This is what we’re doing to celebrate the Spring Equinox this year. I encourage you to take whatever parts speak to you & create your own Spring Equinox ritual.*

(*I also firmly believe you can celebrate these sacred days around the day they fall. If you’re busy on Monday, make a plan to celebrate with your family whenever you’re able.)  

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1. Make a quiche for dinner.

Recipes for Ostara Meal - Quiche recipe to celebrate the Spring EquinoxThe egg is the quintessential symbol of spring. It is the perfect embodiment of everything that is happening this time of year.

Like the chick emerging from the egg, the natural world is coming alive right now. Everything has been dormant. You have also been turned inward, like the chick inside its shell. Right now the whole world is ready to hatch and be born anew.

You are also ready to break out of your shell & achieve great new things.

The egg symbolizes this rebirth & new life. Making them the perfect ingredient for your Spring Equinox meal.

While you’re eating tell your kids about the symbolism of the egg & how relates to new birth energy of spring.

I’m planning to make this broccoli quiche.

2. Take a walk & look for signs of spring.

Family rituals for the Spring Equinox & OstaraI always include a walk in all of our family seasonal celebrations. Sometimes we’ll plan a special outing or a hike. This year we’re planning to take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

While we’re walking we always collect things that remind us of the season & put them on our altar when we get back home.

On your walk you can talk about the meaning of the season; what makes spring important & how the energy of this season affects our spirits. I recommend printing this page.

3.Light candles.

Light Candles with your family to celebrate the spring equinox.When you return home place your treasures on your altar, or in the center of your table. Place candles around your treasures & light one for each family member.

If you didn’t talk about the meaning of the season on your walk, talk about it now.

4. Read this sweet poem for New Beginnings. 

Beginning by Warren Hanson

This is the Beginning…
This is where it will all start,
on the wings of some new Spirit with the Beat of some new Heart.
Every morning brings a Promise.
Everyday has Gifts to give.
But Today…Right Now…this Minute…
is when I begin to Live.
And the air that I am breathing
is the breeze of what could be,
as I stand here looking out
on all the things that could be Me.
And the road that goes before me,
leading somewhere out of sight,
is a brand new Opportunity for me to get it Right.
This is the Beginning.
This is Once upon a Time…
There are dragons to be vanquished!
There are castle walls to climb!
But this story isn’t written yet.
I’m only on page One.
The Adventure that’s awaiting me has only just Begun.
There are Mysteries and Treasures.
There are daring deeds to do!
And if I speak the secret word, then all my Wishes will come true.
That Magic Word has powers that can make the heavens spin.
But it really is no Secret that the password is…”Begin!”

So, this is the Beginning…
My Beginning.
My Rebirth.
I Awaken to the Wonder
of what I am Really worth.
It is a Springtime for the Spirit, and it’s Giving me a Choice.
So I choose to Use this season as a reason to Rejoice!

5. What do you want to see grow & blossom in your life? 

Go around in a circle & have each family member answer the question:

What do you want to see grow & blossom in your life? In our family? In our community or in the world?

6. Say a prayer to Universe.

After everyone has said what they’d like to see grow in their lives, say this prayer:

Dear Universe, thank you for all you have given us in our lives. Thank you for everything that has grown & blossomed for us. Thank you for the blessings we have already harvested.

Thank you, Powers of the Universe, for hearing these wishes. For listening to the new dreams & ideas we want to grow in our lives this year.

We are co-creators with you & I know the Universe is already working to make our wishes come true. We will do our part, we’ll work hard & spread love, in order to see our wishes come true.

Thank you, Powers of the Universe. And thank you, to the Divine that resides within me.


6. Give hugs. 

I like to close our family circles with hugs. You can snuff out the candles, or let them safely burn down to the end.

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