In a Funk? Try This Simple Spring Solution

Today was a struggle. I sat down to write all of you, my friends, and my brain was not cooperating. Someone had flipped the off switch. Instead of writing, I really felt like I could lay my head down on the wooden table, right there in the middle of the coffeeshop, and just go to sleep.

BUT, “I have my To Do List. I have a deadline. I have things I want to get done. This is the time I have for writing and that’s what I’m going to do, dammit.”

So there I sat, struggling to wrangle my brain, to wrestle it into working for me. And sensing my moment of weakness, those mean, nasty, negative voices that can creep in latched on like bloodsuckers. “You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re not a writer. This is just stupid.” Those jerks are MEAN, man! And when they started all their chit- chattering in the background, I realized I am not winning this battle right now.

Meanwhile, that brilliant spring sun was shining through the coffeeshop windows. That kind of sun you haven’t seen in awhile. That kind of sun whose brightness actually hurts your eyes. It’s just so. dang. bright. Instead of fighting with my brain and taking any more abuse from those jerks I thought, “I’ll just take a walk. If I at least take a walk today, I won’t feel like a total slouch.”

So, I took a walk.

And, you guys, it is AMAZING outside right now. The whole world is so vibrant and dazzling. I came upon this gorgeous cherry tree with Dr. Seussian tufts of vivid white blossoms. The bright blue sky was brilliantly juxtaposed behind them. And, forgive the cliché, but it took my breath away. It stopped me in my tracks and I stood there staring up through the blossoms into the sky. Without noticing, my breathing slowed and got deeper as I paused to soak in the moment. All the annoyance I was feeling, all the brain wrestling and wrangling, all those mean, nasty bloodsuckers, they just … went away. It all just floated away. My whole body, mind, and soul were just … calm.

And, Is it any surprise at all that this was the very best part of my day?! I couldn’t wait to get home and tell you all about it. And that writing I was wrestling and fighting with … it all just rolled right out. No problem. Easy peasy.

Simple, right?

Just take a walk.

So I thought, “Let’s do that.” This spring, let’s take walks. Mindful walks.

When you find yourself struggling, when things aren’t coming together, when you’re wrestling with yourself or feeling overwhelmed, (when you can’t write that goddamn blog post!) … let’s just take a walk.

Talk a walk and notice the natural world around you. Really look at the flowers that are blooming where you live. Look at the leaves forming on the trees. Find something sweet and lovely in every yard you walk past. What are the things that catch your eye? What do you see blooming on this walk that wasn’t blooming on the last? What’s getting ready to bloom that you’re super excited about? Watch things. Notice how they change throughout the coming weeks and months. (Take a picture and share some of your favorite spring treasures ‪#‎TheSeasonalSoul‬.)

Whatever deadline or project or annoyance you’re struggling with, it can wait until you get back. You have time. I know you’re busy but you can absolutely take a moment to take a walk. Because I know, when you get back, you’ll have more clarity and the answers will come more easily. At the very least, your spirit will feel so much calmer. And awake. And alive.

So this spring … take a walk.

Pretty simple, right?!

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