What’s the Big Deal about Mid-Spring?

1. Everything is bursting with life right now.

What's happening in nature & what's happening within us at Mid-Spring / May Day / Beltane. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comMay is, hands down, one of the most gorgeous months of the year.

Abundant, vibrant, delicious life is bursting all around us. The leaves have returned to the trees. Shrubs I cut down to the ground last fall are now 3’x3’ bushy bushes. Our hops are 6’ high and out of control, twisting their vines along our fence. Roses are blooming. The sun is getting stronger and the days are growing longer. The breeze is warming. Baby animals are being born. It’s an absolute cornucopia of new life.

You may be seeing new things coming to fruition in your own life, as well. Are there things that were brewing and incubating over winter that are sprouting new life in your world? Any dreams, transitions, plans that are coming to life for you?

2. Mid-spring is In. Your. Face. with its gorgeousness. Let that beauty remind you to celebrate new life and be grateful for all life around us.

At mid-spring, take some time to rejoice in all the magnificent, divine beauty in nature. Everything is bright and vibrant and psychedelic in its attempt to get your attention. Now is the time to, literally, stop and smell the roses. Take walks. Fill your house with fresh cut flowers. Sit outside on your lunch break and just breathe it all in.

Mid-Spring Seasonal Journal Prompts. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comThis is a good time to pause and acknowledge any new things growing in you life as well. We absolutely do not do that enough. We don’t usually take the time to stop and celebrate the changes, growth and new life we experience in our lives. Take some time to do that now. Have a beer and cheers your Self for the things you worked on over winter that are now beginning to blossom. Even if they’re only tiny sprouts, celebrate that! It’s hard work growing new things.

3. Mid-spring is a time for planting. In the garden & in our lives.

We plant things now that we will harvest later in the summer. I’m super excited to get the heirloom tomato starts in our garden. I, already, can’t wait to harvest them at the end of the summer. Mmm … fresh garden tomatoes. Yumm.

Journal Prompts for Mid-Spring / Beltane / May Day. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comWe use the growing sun and the rich, fertile energy of spring to nourish those new plants in our garden. And, we can also use that powerful spring energy to nourish new ideas and growth and change in our lives. That energy will help those new baby sprouts from winter’s hard work grow strong and flourish. And we can also use that strong, lush energy to plant new intentions, plans and ideas in our lives.

What would you like to see grow and flourish in your life this summer? What would you like to harvest in the fall?

4. Mid-spring is nature’s reminder to be grateful for life’s ability to reproduce & to honor the fertility and sexual vitality of all living things.

Ducklings in Springtime. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comLife’s inherent ability to create new life is an absolute miracle. It’s not something we generally take time to stop and acknowledge and be thankful for. But it really is a miraculous and divine process, the way every living thing is designed with its own complex, yet perfect, ability to recreate. Right now, when new life is flourishing all around us, it’s a really great time to acknowledge and honor that beautiful and profound process – in nature and within our selves, in our own divine human bodies.

In our culture we have developed such a warped and twisted view of our own sexual nature. Spring is a perfect time to reclaim that part of our selves. To celebrate and honor that part of our selves as powerful, important, magnificent and sacred.

In our culture we desperately need to remember and acknowledge sex as a vital component of life, yes. But, we also need to celebrate sex and rejoice in its capacity to simply bring us beautiful, empowering, soul-nourishing pleasure.

(I wrote a whole article about this, you can read it here.)

5. Spring is also a brilliant time to celebrate and honor our own divine human body.

While this time of fertility and new life is, of course, a fitting time to acknowledge the human body’s ability to reproduce, it’s also a good time to celebrate all the amazing things our individual bodies can do for us.

May Day / Beltane / Mid-Spring. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comOur bodies can do so many exceptional, magnificent things. My body carried me on a gorgeous 3-mile San Juan Island hike with a dear friend last week. I’m so very, very grateful for my body’s mobility and strength, (even in the face of a fair bit of wintertime neglect). I’m grateful for the art I’m able to create with my hands. I’m grateful for the dancing my body was able to enjoy at the moe. concert this past weekend. Take a moment, wherever your body is at, and be grateful for the things your body is able to do for you.

Now is also a really wonderful time to talk with the kids in your life about their bodies. Kids love to share stories about new things they can do; things they can climb, learning to ride their bike, how many times they can jump rope. My five year old daughter is currently all about “challenges”. Whenever we’re outside she wants us to give her challenges to run, jump, dance, etc. Let weekend her tiny legs ran around a ¼-mile track. Twice.

Talk to the kids in your life about new things they’re able to do with their bodies that they couldn’t do a short time ago. Conversations like these help teach children to be proud of their bodies, not in the way their bodies look but in the way their bodies feel, in what they’re able to accomplish with their strong, empowered bodies.

Remind kids and young people of the sacredness of their bodies. I’m sure we all can use a lesson in reconnecting with the sacredness of our bodies. But, absolutely, in the face of all the fucked up messages kids are receiving from society about their bodies – kids absolutely need ongoing reminders that their bodies are sacred. Let spring be a time we consciously engage in these conversations with our kids.

Have this be a time of year to find age-appropriate ways to talk to your kids about the sacredness of their bodies in regards to sexual relationships as well. Here’s a good article about age-appropriate ways to talk to your kids about their bodies and sex.

6. Mid-spring is a time to feel good, be joyful & celebrate life.

Celebrating Mid-Spring / Beltane / May Day. http://www.TheSeasonalSoul.comEmbrace the fresh, new energy of spring. Spring is joyous and cheerful and magnificent and vibrant. This is a time to savor all the pleasures life provides.

Be outside. Take walks. Cut fresh flowers. Smell the roses. Dance around the Maypole. Enjoy great sex.

Rejoice in feeling alive!!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Did something really speak to you in this overview of spring? What new things are growing in your life? What changes & new growth are you proud of in your life? Share with us and let us help celebrate YOU and your accomplishments!

What do you intend to plant this spring, in the garden and in your life? What would you like to harvest come fall? What joyful things do you want to do celebrate spring?


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  1. Mark Patterson Avatar
    Mark Patterson

    Absolutely wonderful, Erin! Thank you so much for sharing this. I especially like the “Journal Prompts”. Even though I don’t journal, it made me pause and consider. Best wishes to you, my friend!

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