Full Moon Blessing to Honor Your Mothers

This week’s Full Moon arrives at the same time that many of us are preparing to honor the mothers in our lives. (In the U.S., Canada, Australia & many, many other countries, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, May 14th.)

Even if you’re country isn’t observing Mother’s Day this week, spring has long been a traditional time to celebrate the mothers in our lives. Right now everything is being reborn; Mother Earth is giving birth to new life all around us–in the form of new flowers, new leaves on the trees, veggies sprouting in the garden, animal babies being born. This time of new life is has historically been a time of acknowledging & celebrating mothers.

It’s important that we take time to acknowledge the mothers in our lives. Mothers who are living, and the mothers who have passed. Mothers who birthed us, and those who did not. The mothers of our ancestors. Mother Earth.

We can see the Divine Mother in tonight’s Full Moon; with her bright, round, full belly–just like a pregnant mama’s. With tonight’s Full Moon let’s give thanks to all the Mothers in our lives.

Full Moon Prayer to Our Mothers

To prepare:

1) Diffuse a blend of your earthiest oils (like sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver) to help you connect to your roots; to all your mothers & our Mother Earth. 

2) Light a green candle. (Or any color candle you have.)

Breathe Deeply
Take several deep breaths to center yourself & use a grounding exercise to connect to the Earth.

Think about Your Own Mother
When you are ready, bring your own Mother to mind. Feel her nurturing presence & her love. (If these aren’t feelings you associate with you Mother, try instead sending her feelings of love.) Sit with this feeling for a few moments.

Say these words (or your own):
I honor my Mother. The Mother who gave birth to me. The Mother who comforted & taught me. I am so grateful for all she has given me. I am grateful for her love. May she be blessed.

Think about the Other Mothers in Your Life
Bring to mind other Mothers who have been a part of your life. Those Mothers who have cared for you throughout your life. Feel the love they’ve given you. Feel your gratitude for them in your life.

Say these words (or your own):
I honor all the Mothers who have been a part of my life. I am so grateful for their love & comfort & guidance. May they be blessed with love, honor & prosperity.

Think about the Mothers of Your Ancestors
Bring to mind the Mothers of your Ancestors: your Mother’s Mother, her Mother, all the Mothers who came before you. Picture them standing behind you–one behind the other. Feel their love. Feel their support, like a wall of power behind you to forever.

Say these words (or your own):
Mothers of my Ancestors, all the Mothers who came before me. I feel your power & your support in my life. I am thankful for you & I am thankful for your collective wisdom, which runs through my spirit. Dear Mothers, blessed be.

Think about Our Mother Earth
Bring to mind Mother Earth, the Mother of all life. She is the Divine Creator that lives within all of us. Feel your connection to her. Feel her support beneath you & her power within you. Feel her love pouring over you in the form of beautiful white light.

Say these words (or your own):
Divine Mother, I feel your power in tonight’s full moon. I feel your support & your infinite love. I carry your love with me every day, in every situation & interaction. I am so grateful for your divine power & love.

Sit & Continue to Breathe
Sit for several moments with the infinite power & love of all these Mothers surrounding you. Take deep, full breaths. Breathe in their love and support. Let it fill you, and fuel you.

Give Thanks
When you are ready, bow your head in thanks. Thank all of the Mothers that surround you. And thank them for their presence in your life.

Extinguish Your Candle
Blow, or snuff out your candle. You can also let it burn safely down.

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