Balance Returns with the August New Moon

This is the last new moon of summer. In only a few weeks it will be Autumn.

These are the final days of the season.

You can almost see the Wheel of the Year right now. The days are noticeably shorter, the evenings are cooler. There’s a real shift in the energy this month.

We’re shifting out of the hot, intense energy of summer – this time of going & doing, of being outside & really active; into a more balanced, calm, inward-focused season.

We start coming back into ourselves this month.

Summer travels are winding down; kids are returning to school. There’s this sense of balance returning. An eagerness to reconnect with routines you may have let go of over summer.

September is a time of balance returning to our lives.

Summer’s intense, outward-focused energy wears us out. Our spirits are tired when September arrives. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, untethered, adrift – this month you’ll feel some balance return to your life, as the Wheel turns toward Autumn.

At the Autumn Equinox, the energy is balanced: between inward- & outward-focused energies, between day & night, between light & dark. It’s a moment of perfect balance on Earth. And it’s an opportunity for you to fill those places in your life that can use more balance.

As we move into Autumn, throughout this moon cycle, the energy will shift significantly. The night becomes longer than the day. Soon we’ll spend more hours of the day in darkness, rather than the light.

As the daylight decreases, our focused turns further & further inward this month. Physically we want to be home more. We’re relieved that the coming & going of summer is ending. We start spending more time inside. Mentally & emotionally, we drawing deeper & deeper inward.

We’re moving into a very introspective season.

It begins by reflecting on all the fun times you had this summer. What were your favorite adventures? What experiences are you most grateful for?

Cultivating deep gratitude for your summer experiences, creates rich soil for your winter dreams to take root.

This month we shift into the season of Gratitude.

First, with gratitude for everything you experienced this summer: the good AND the bad. What did your experiences teach you? How have you changed?

And taking stock of everything you’ve harvested this year: much of that harvest is in things you’ve learned, ways you’ve grown.

Reflecting on these things this month begins the important Autumn work of Letting Go.

In the coming season you have the opportunity to finally let go of old patterns, destructive habits, false stories, limiting beliefs. Those things you’re realizing no longer serve you, things you’re ready to shed & release. Like the leaves of the autumn trees, you’re preparing to let go of all the things currently holding you back.

Here’s some questions you can ask yourself to start laying the groundwork for a huge shift  in your life in the weeks & months ahead:

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• Where do things feel in balance right now? What parts of your life are feeling out of balance? How can you bring things back into balance?

• What experiences are you grateful for? How have you grown?

• What have you learned from your experiences over spring & summer?

• What is it time for you to release? What do you need to leave behind in order to strengthen & grow?

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New Moon Soul Work

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2 responses to “Balance Returns with the August New Moon”

  1. heidi Avatar

    What an awesome website to have discovered on the Autumn Equinox. Feeling blessed! Namaste!

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Thank you, Heidi!!💕 I really appreciate you being here. xo

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