Restore Balance to Your Life with the Grounding Energy of Spring

The Spring Equinox is quickly approaching. On the Equinoxes the Earth is in perfect balance.

On the Winter Solstice, the northern hemisphere was tilted as far away from the sun as possible. Throughout winter & spring the Earth continues to tilt back toward the sun & on the Summer Solstice, our hemisphere is as close to the sun as possible.

That means at this moment, near the Equinox, the Earth’s tilt is perfectly balanced. It’s not leaning toward or away from the sun. At this time the sun is crossing directly over the Earth’s equator and day & night are nearly equal in length.

The Earth, the light, day & night are all in balance right now, and this predominant stabilizing energy helps bring a sense of balance to your own life as well.

This can be a really welcoming force right now.

This is a wonderful mantra you can use right now,
to connect with this balancing energy:

I feel balanced in my life.
I feel calm, grounded & in my flow.

Often the days & weeks leading up to the Equinox can be somewhat tumultuous & overwhelming. Mid to late winter can be a time of a lot of change & upheaval in our lives. It’s often a time of transition & this can throw your life way off balance. 

Spring Equinox: I feel balanced in my life. I feel calm, grounded & in my flow.If we look at the Wheel of the Year we see autumn is the time for identifying what we need to let go of in order to grow & evolve. In early winter we experience the birth of new dreams, plans & ideas. Mid to late winter is the time we really begin integrating these changes we want to make in our lives & that can lead to big transitions. And transition & change can be really uncomfortable.

The Spring Equinox is such a beautiful time & it brings with it the return of balance to those place in our lives where things have felt uneasy & out of whack.

This time at the beginning of spring is a powerful time to examine balance in your own life. Where do you feel balanced? Where do you feel out of balance? The spiritual journey of the Spring Equinox is one of discovering balance on all levels.

Here are some wonderful journal Qs & prompts for self-reflection you can use to examine balance in your own life:

• What does balance look like/feel like to you? What does balance mean for you in your wellness endeavors?

• Where do you feel balanced in your life?

• Where do you feel out of balance? Do you feel overwhelmed in any aspects of your life?

• What can you do to return balance to that part of your life? *Give yourself at least 1 action item & schedule it in your monthly calendar. triangle divider

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