Cultivate Gratitude – A Family Autumn Equinox Celebration

A Gratitude Ritual for your Family's Autumn Equinox Celebration

One of the most prominent themes of this time of year is gratitude.

Summer is ending–a season of so much joy & fun.  I feel so much gratitude for all the awesome adventures & experiences I had the last few months–all the people I got to spend time with. My heart is full. ❤

I want to continue to carry that forward with me over the next few months as the wheel turns & we become more inward-focused.

Deep gratitude for our summer experiences & blessings, becomes rich, juicy soil for our winter dreams to begin to take root. 

The autumn equinox is a beautiful time to reconnect with a practice of gratitude in your life. And, as a Mom, I really want to help my children develop a mindset of gratitude in their lives–help them learn to see & be thankful for all their many blessings.

Autumn is the perfect time to engage in an injection of gratitude in all our lives.

Gratitude Conversation Starters for Kids & Families. Develop a Family Gratitude with the Fun Questions. Read more at

I’ve created this fun download to to help everyone in your family start thinking about gratitude. It includes over 30 questions to help everyone think about all their grateful for.


Just print, cut & toss these questions into a bowl.

Use these as journal prompts throughout the season. My family keeps them on the dinner table all season, every night we take turns asking each other questions. Sure beats the boring old, “How was school?” (Even my 7th grader is eager to participate every night.)

My family’s Autumn Equinox celebration:

– Enjoy a family walk together. We’ll walk through a neighborhood park where we can gather supplies for our Green Man craft.

– At home we’ll do this sweet family ritual/prayer (included in the free ritual download below.)

– We’ll do this green man craft together & ask each other questions from these gratitude Qs.

* We won’t necessarily do all these things on the Autumn Equinox proper. (It might be too much.) There’s nothing wrong with doing these things around the autumn equinox, or on the weekend, or over two weekend. Do whatever works, and only feels fun & stress-free for your family!

Right now, when everything feels so uncertain, confusing, depressing & … dark. Right now, more than ever, we really need to dive head first into practicing gratitude.

We need to embrace everything in our lives that we’re grateful for. We need to acknowledge all that’s meaningful & important to us. Through doing that, our hearts will burst open.

And that’s what we need most of all right now, wide open hearts.





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2 responses to “Cultivate Gratitude – A Family Autumn Equinox Celebration”

  1. Dzhan Avatar

    We’re utilizing your family ceremonies this year, love. Thank you. Blessings to you and thank you for all that you do. xoxoxo

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      DZHAN! I love finding this sweet message here. And I especially love that you & your sweet family are using these. I think about you all, all the time. xoxo

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