Inspire Deep Personal Growth this Spring with this Full Moon Ritual

We work so hard. We’re always working so hard–in our lives, on our selves, and on our dreams. It’s hard work seeking, and learning, and growing, and evolving.

Too often we forget the other side of the equation.

We work so hard on the doing part of creating. We forget about the resting part. We forget the letting go part–dropping the rope & trusting in the Universe to give life & power to our dreams.

It’s just like the two sides of the moon. The light side & the dark side.

The dark side is just as important as the light side. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t be all doing, and never releasing & trusting.

So right now, the moon is at its height. Her powerful energy is raised as high as it can go. So, with the Full Moon we will release our dreams & send our new spring beginnings out to the moon. And then … we drop the rope.

We release our striving & pushing, and surrender to the other side–the side of faith & trust. Trust in the Universe, trust in yourself. Trust in the power of our sister the Moon.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

Full Moon Ritual: Release your Dreams to the Moon 

1.Review Your New Beginnings.

If you did my New Moon Ritual, start by reviewing what you wrote as a part of that Soul Work. If not, spend a few minutes before you begin journaling on what is newly beginning in your life.

Think closely about the last few weeks: What have you been excited about? What’s been growing inside of you? What have you been dreaming about & working on?

If you can, leave this writing in the light of the full moon for the night. I have a skylight that the moonlight shines through, so I leave my journal open to these pages for the night.

2. Light a white candle.

White symbolizes spiritual power. It awakens hope within you. It invokes trust. It promotes cleansing & repels negativity. It provides protection–protection for the dreams and new life you are releasing into the Universe tonight.

3. Send your New Dreams out to the Moon.

Say a prayer to the moon asking her to give your dreams power. Here’s a prayer you can say. Use this of whatever words come to you:

Sister Moon, Goddess of the Night ❤

You are a beautiful, powerful presence in my life. Every month you shine your strong, bright light down upon me. You remind me of my own powerful cycles – my own ability to shine my very brightest, and my Soul’s desire to sometimes retreat into darkness & rest.

You remind me each month that both are important. Both are necessary.

At this time of your strongest, brightest light, I pray to you to hear my dreams. To hear these things my Soul is working hard on. To hear my new beginnings.

And I ask you to help me bring them to light. Please shine your powerful light on my dreams. And shine your powerful light on me. We are co-creators. Give me the strength to continue to work on my dreams, and the faith to release these dreams to the Universe & trust in your power to bring my dreams to life. I am not alone, I don’t need to do this all on my own. We’re not meant to do this all on our own.

Thank you for hearing my dreams. Thank you for hearing them, absorbing them into your light & shining them back down to Earth–back down upon me & into my life. Thank you for giving my dreams power. And thank you for working with me to bring them to life.

Close your eyes and spend a few minutes envisioning your dreams & plans & whatever you’re working to achieve–see these things actually floating out to the Full Moon. See them & feel them being absorbed by the moon. See them being absorbed & then exploding with power. Picture the moonlight as your dream illuminated, see your dreams shining back down upon the Earth.

4. Ask for illumination.

Ask the moon to illuminate whatever might be standing in your way: What is threatening to get in the way of your dreams & hinder your new beginnings? Ask the moon to illuminate these things.

Then either:

1. Pull a Tarot card.

Spend some time reflecting on the meaning of this card. What is it telling you? Based on the meaning of this card, what could be getting in the way of your new beginnings?

2. Spend 5 minutes in meditation

Spend some time meditating on the meaning of the card you pulled. Or, if you didn’t pull a card, just meditate on the question you asked the moon. What is standing in your way? Sit in meditation & see what comes to you.

5. Write down whatever is in your way.

Whatever came up for you in the meditation or with your Tarot draw, spend a few minutes writing it down. What might be standing in the way of your dreams or new beginnings? Write whatever comes to you.

6. Say a prayer of Release.

Say a prayer to the moon, releasing whatever is standing in your way. And send off your dreams to be in her care.

Sweet Sister Moon ❤

Like a Mother’s womb high in the sky, your loving energy gives my dreams the power to fly.

With an exhale & a release, I can let them go. Give them over to your care & your power.

I can also release my fears. I can let go of the things that are holding me back, things that are standing in the way of my dreams.

With this full moon I will drop the rope. And just like your own powerful cycle, I will step over to the other side. To the side of faith – faith in your power, faith in the hard work I’ve put in, and faith in us as co-creators in my life.

I trust fully that you have heard my plan & dreams, you are watching over my new beginnings, & I can release them to you to bring them to life. Nothing will hold me back.

7. Burn your paper.

Very carefully burn the paper on which you wrote the things that are holding your back. I highly recommend doing this outside–to actually be in the light of the moon will just give this more power.

8. Mantra Meditation

Spend a few minutes meditating on the prayers you’ve said to the moon & the dreams you’ve released to the Universe.

Repeat this mantra: Om namo narayana

In Sanskrit this means, “I surrender to the Divine Mother.” You are surrendering your hopes to her & she will deliver them to you in whatever way serves your greatest good.

9. Thank the Moon for lending her power & her light.

Thank the Moon for watching over you and for lending her power & her light. You can either extinguish your candle, or let it burn safely down.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

3 responses to “Inspire Deep Personal Growth this Spring with this Full Moon Ritual”

  1. Gem Avatar

    I am so looking forward to doing this full moon ritual tomorrow !
    I hope you enjoy living in Dublin with all that beautiful celtic magic 🙂

  2. Jacqueline Thompson Avatar


    I just wanted to tell you how impactful and wonderful your offerings are. Everything that I have been sent so far has resonated with me very deeply—many of your writings are aligned with the messages that I, too, wish to share with the world. It is simply so empowering and inspiring to learn from the content you put out into the world. It is what the world needs right now <3


    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Thank you so much for this thoughtful feedback, Jacqueline. I really appreciate you reading & it means so much to me to know that this work is resonating with you. I encourage you to definitely reach out & share the messages that you feel compelled to share with this world! When you do, please drop back by & share a link to your work, I would love to see what you are creating & putting out into the world. Sending you so much love!! xo

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