New Moon Ritual to Create Massive Growth in Your Life this Spring

This moon cycle carries us into Spring! 🌱

And with it comes a rebirth. New beginnings are everywhere in the world around you: in nature, and in your spirit. (There may be tinglings of new beginnings in all different places in your life.)

Right now life is beginning to reemerge. Soon Nature will be reborn. Bulbs are already sprouting, early spring flowers may have bloomed where you are. Animals are starting to waking up. Buds are forming on the trees, some may have blossomed already. Nature is coming alive again.

This same refresh, this new beginning–new things sprouting & flowering–this is also happening in your life & in your spirit right now.

Just like this rebirth of nature, your own spirit is being pulled to start fresh. You are being reborn: you may feel alive with new ideas, new plans, and inspiration. Right now you have the power right now to bring your winter dreams to life, in the real world. (Read more about your magnified power of manifesting at this time of year, here.)

Your power to grow & evolve–to change your life–is born fresh in spring. This is a time of pure potential. Anything is possible in your life right now.

Your work right now is to connect deeply with what your dreams are. What do you want to nurture & bring to life for yourself this season??

When you are really clear on what you want to bring to life, you can channel the potent energy of spring & create whatever you want in your life. Exactly like a gardener, beginning to plan & plant their gardens right now.

Saturday, March 13 is the New Moon; and this moon cycle carries us into spring!.

This Moon cycle brings a powerful new beginning. This new Moon (as well as April & May’s) are really potent times to plant new seeds in your life. What do you want to grow for yourself?

Below is a simple ritual you can do to give your winter dreams the power to grow, blossom, and eventually bear fruit, in the abundant months ahead.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

New Moon Ritual: Create New Growth in Your Life this Spring

1. Begin by reflecting on these questions:

Write your answers down on paper or in your journal, somewhere you can reflect back on them throughout spring.

• What new plans & ideas did you dream about over winter?
• What new inspirations do you feel alive with?
• What do you want to start this spring?
• What great things do you want to achieve?

2. Light a candle & read what you’ve written.

Do this outside, under the new moon, if possible. If not, a sacred space inside is also great!

Read out loud what you wrote in response to the questions above.

3. Ask for support.

In whatever words come to you, ask for support from the Universe/God/the Moon–whatever Higher Power calls to you in this moment.

Ask the spring energy, and the growing moon, to infuse your dreams with life. So they’ll sprout & grow tall, and bear fruit in the months to come.

4. Give thanks.

Thank whatever higher power you call on, for bringing your dreams to life. Say thanks as though your dream has already come true. (Because it HAS, you’re simply calling it into your life.)

Don’t worry about getting the words perfect, or saying the exact right thing. Just say whatever comes to your mind & your heart. It’s okay if it feels awkward & clunky. (This is why it’s a spiritual practice. We have to practice saying prayers, and giving thanks.)

5. Reread your words often. 

As often as possible, continuing reading your words until the next full Moon. Then, release your dreams to the Universe, your higher power, and trust that these things are being drawn into your life.

Continue to do this practice as often as you are called to with each New Moon.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

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