4 Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Divine Feminine this Winter

We are entering the Feminine side of the Wheel of the Year; the season of Yin energy.

Yin/Feminine energy is restful. Its receiving instead of doing. It’s letting go & being in the moment. It’s being still.

It’s being open.

It’s opening your heart & opening your mind so you can receive your forthcoming gifts from the Universe.

This is the time of year when we receive new ideas. We dream new dreams. It’s on winter’s dark nights that the seeds of next year’s inspiration are born.

The repression of the feminine has led to a planet on the edge of collapse. The re-emergence is going to be a dance to behold. -Clare DakinRight now it’s really important for us to just be open to just receiving whatever wisdom & gifts the winter’s darkness is preparing to send us.

Now we just need to rest. We need to really nurture ourselves. We need to be gentle, move slow. We need to let go & just see what comes. This is Feminine. This is flow.

I believe this is a big reason people often feel depressed through the dark winter months. This time of year we’re supposed to still. We’re supposed to be intensely introspective. But our society doesn’t value or encourage that. We’re disconnected from this part of ourselves. So we fight it. We try to maintain our regular energy levels. We are literally fighting with ourselves. We’re fighting what our spirits want and need. This definitely causes dis-ease & depression in our Souls.

To combat this dis-ease and to really encourage the flow of energy & ideas, let’s work hard to nurture & embrace our Divine Feminine this winter. Below are some really beautiful ways to empower this side of your spirit.

Set some time aside this winter for your gorgeous inner goddess.


Yin Yoga Sequence by Dagmar Spremberg • Practice Yin Yoga in Winter to Connect with your Divine FeminineYin/Feminine energy is restful. It’s not about action. It’s being open; open-hearted & open to receiving the gifts of the Universe.

It’s a good time of year to practice quiet activities that inspire reflection & meditation. Thing like tai chi, qi gong & yin or restorative yoga ate all activities that nurture the feminine.

Try this yin yoga sequence by Dagmar Spremberg, designed to open your heart.

TO DO: Schedule 1 night a week (2 would be even better!) to do this yoga practice (or tai chi, qi gong) for the remainder of winter.

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Celebrate Winter Solstice by Connecting with Your Divine FeminineThe element of water is feminine. Soaking in a hot bath connects you with the flow of feminine energy. It encourages you to rest. And just be.

Here’s some wonderful essential oils you could add to your bath:
(via Aromatherapy.com)

• Jasmine ~ Nicknamed “Queen of the Night”, a beautiful, seductive fragrance that helps balance feminine energy.
• Ylang Ylang ~ Restores self-love & self-confidence. It also enhances sexual energy.
• Patchouli ~ A calming, sedating & relaxing oil.
• Rose ~ Rose is the oil of the heart chakra. It possesses the highest frequency of all essential oils.

TO DO: Pick out (at least) 1 of the essential oils above. Treat yourself! Then schedule at least one bath a week throughout winter. (Seriously … write it in your schedule! Right now.)

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Draw Down the Moon to Connect with Your Divine Feminine on your Winter Solstice Celebration. Read more at www.TheSeasonalSoul.comYou can do this exercise under the moon at any time in its cycle–the full & new moons are particularly potent.

• Find somewhere you can stand in the light of the moon.
• Stand firmly grounded & hold your hands open above your head. Breathe Deep.
• Ask for the divine light of the Feminine Moon to enter your hands & fill your body. Breathe in the light & the power of the moon. Allow to fill your body; like a cup filled to the brim with light energy.
• Soak in the moon as long as you’re able, then bring your hands to your heart. Say a soft prayer of thanks to the Mother Moon.

TO DO: Write down the next full moon in your calendar. Plan to go outside & do this exercise that night.

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Plan Sacred Girlfriend Time to Connect with Your Divine Feminine this Winter Solstice. Read more at www.TheSeasonalSoul.comNothing connects you with your own Divine Feminine in such a joyful, heart-full way as gathering with your goddess community.

(Also super helpful in keeping you grounded, & often sane, during the holiday madness.)

TO DO: Text your best girlfriend(s) right now with dates/times that you’re available to get together. Don’t let the text thread die without a time written in your calendar to get together.


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