Manifest Your Dreams with 6 Simple Steps

We are now in the deep days of winter, the season of resting & dreaming. These are the days when we’re dreaming up the seeds of new life we want to see grow in our lives. And this is the time to sprinkle them with magic to ensure they grow into gorgeous flowers & beauty & new life all around you in the weeks & months to come.

These midwinter days are powerful for manifesting your dreams into reality.

What new life, change & growth have you been dreaming about this winter? 

In midwinter it may still seem that everything is cold & dead outside, yet deep underground life is stirring–magic is happening.

Think of the crocuses, the daffodils, the first flowers to bloom in early spring; right now, deep underground, their bulbs are coming alive. There may not be any signs of life above ground, but deep inside life is stirring. That is winter’s magic.

This very same thing is happening inside of you, as well.

The seeds of new life are beginning to buzz within you. This is the ideal time to sprinkle them with extra magic to ensure they dreams grow & blossom in your life.

The entire Universe is conspiring to give you everything you want.We know that what we focus our energy on, expands. The Law of Attraction tells us energy attracts like energy. When we move beyond simply dreaming our dreams, to actively visualizing ourselves receiving them, we are sending a powerful message out into the Universe.

We are actively working to create our dreams, and the Universe is aligning to deliver them to us.

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Below are the steps I’m following to breathe life & fire into my dreams this year. I hope you’ll join me!

I’d love to hear all about your journey–your new year dreams, what steps you’re following to bring them to life. Please leave a comment below & share what you’re manifesting in your life this year.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

6 Steps for Manifesting your Winter Dreams


Spend some time getting really clear & focused on what your new year dreams are. Be very specific & include WHY you want these things. Think in terms of the SMART goal setting process:

S: Specific – be exact about what you want
M: Measurable – how will you know when you’ve achieved your dream?
A: Actionable – your dream/goal should begin with a verb.
R: Realistic – (This doesn’t mean don’t shoot for the moon! It just means your goal should be to become an astronaut, not to live on Pluto.)
T: Time bound – Set a due date for yourself. 

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For each dream you wrote down, visualize what your life will look like when you reach it. Do not skip this step! This is where the power lies.

Take some time here and get really, really specific. How will you FEEL when you achieve each goal? What will your life look like? What will it mean for you?

And, here’s the trick … as you write this, don’t write about your future self. Write as though you are experiencing it RIGHT NOW. Write how it feels, what your life is like–as though it is has already happened!

The key here is to “trick” yourself into beginning to feel like you’ve already received these things. Because energy attracts like energy. (It’s physics. The Law of Attraction.)

Pay close attention to how you’re feeling & stay in the mindset of receiving your dreams. Do not slip into focusing on the lack of your dreams. Because feeling the lack of something, (yep, you guessed it …) attracts the lack of something.

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Do this for each dream, individually.

Take what you’ve written in Step #2 and create a statement of gratitude for it ALREADY happening.

For example: “My heart is over-flowing with gratitude for the amazing retreat I was invited to speak at. Thank you, Universe. My work is reaching & inspiring a wide, receptive audience.”

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Take the statement of gratitude you created above and write it 20 times. (Yes, 20!) Writing your dream again and again holds a key to unlocking the magic in your heart. Writing this statement over and over again, moving the pen the old fashioned way, gives your mind & your heart time to really believe what you’re writing.

As I practiced this I noticed an excitement building up in my spirit. I felt encouraged & inspired and really began to believe that this dream will come true for me. And I felt very real gratitude in my heart.

Again, do this for each dream individually. It’s easiest to focus on one at a time. Don’t try and do all your dreams at the same time. Spend a few days just focusing on one, this will give the process a lot more power.

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I know, I know … 5 days!!?!! Yes … 5 DAYS!!

That means all the magic & excitement & inspiration you feel from Day 1 TIMES FIVE! You’re just cementing these feelings deep in your heart & your spirit, giving them infinitely more power.

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Now that you’ve set the magic aflame in your heart & your spirit, you need to be completely unattached to specifics. Don’t get caught up in the how, when, where details of your dream coming true.

It’s important to focus on what you want, and your gratitude for that. Not how it will happen. You need to let the Universe decide how to deliver everything you’re dreaming of.

Repeat this mantra in the weeks to come:

“This or something better is manifesting in my life right now.”

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox


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