Use the Energy of April’s New Moon to Grow & Evolve

This is the first of spring’s three moon cycles.

The first moon cycle was a time of awakening: Our spirits woke up from our winter’s rest, and we’ve been looking at all our new dreams–deciding which ones we feel really excited to bring into our lives this year.

Last month was a time of open-minded, playful exploration of your winter dreams. What are you drawn toward? Where do you feel pulled to focus your growing spring energy?

What seeds do you want to plant?

April New Moon Energy - Where to focus your personal growth this season.This month, we pick our seeds for the garden. What do you really want to harvest in your life this year?

This month’s energy will help you to get really clear on where you want to focus spring’s powerful growth energy.

Some really important questions you can be asking yourself right now are:

• How do you want to grow in the months ahead?

• What do want to see grow in your life?

• How will you know when these are ripe with fruit? What will your life look like when you’ve reached your goal?

This is the time to firmly root yourself and your intentions into the Earth.

One of your main spiritual tasks this month is to connect with the strong, grounding energy of the Earth–to consciously root yourself. 

Just like seeds being planted, you need a stable anchor into the Earth in order for your dreams to take root. Then, if you spend time absorbing that grounding Earth energy, it will strengthen you internally–it will strengthen your core, your stalk–in order to support the lush, heavy fruits that will form in the months to come.

Because, this is an extremely fertile time of year. 

This moon cycle we celebrate Beltane, the ancient Celtic festival that honors the life-giving force present in all of nature.

And what a miraculous & Divine power; this ability to create new life. This is the time we honor & celebrate that miracle. There’s evidence of it everywhere! Nature is showing off with it’s reproductive juju–new baby animals, trees bursting with pollen, animals getting it on. (Um, hello … have you seen the asparagus in the garden?!!)

This Divine power to create new life–this rich, fertile energy–is totally available to you right now too. (And it’s not just for making babies.) Right now you have the power to bring whatever you want for yourself to life.

Right now you have the power to bring whatever you want for yourself to life.

The first steps are simple:

1. Ground yourself firmly into the Earth.

2. Get really clear on what you want to harvest this year. (Spend time journaling on the Qs above.)

3. Consciously plant your intentions. (Here’s a lovely Beltane ritual to help you do this.)

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