Lastly, take some time to seal your home from any negative & unwanted energy. These are fun, simple ways you can add protection to your home. (Kids love these sweet activities.)

With each of these repeat: “This home is protected. Negativity energy cannot enter here, only the fresh, warm growth energy of spring.”

• Bury a penny about 1″ deep, right side up, at each corner of your home. Copper is considered sacred to the goddesses of home, hearth & domesticity. Placing a copper penny at each corner protects your home from negative energy and evil spirits. Copper also attracts good fortune & prosperity.

• Sprinkle salt water around the outside walls of your home and at each entrance. Salt is known to have magical properties of protection, purification and healing. It absorbs all unwanted energy.

• Place crystals in the corners of your home. Black Tourmaline & Selenite are great protective crystals. After placing your crystals, find a place in the center of your home where you can sit, focus, and set your intention. Repeat the mantra above & visualize the crystals forming a powerful, protective shield around your home.

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