How to Clear the Energy of your Home for the Inner Months Ahead

Autumn Cleaning Ritual

As the wheel turns toward the dark half of the year, we begin spending more time indoors.  Our energy is drawn inward, and our spirits yearn for all things cozy & warm.

Autumn is the perfect time to cleanse the energy of your home, in  preparation for the inside months ahead. 

You’ll be spending more & more time inside, and you want the energy in your home to support you; to uplift you & feed you.

In order to do that, the energy in your home needs cleansed. Here’s some simple, easy ways your can really raise the vibration of your home.

I’m planning to include my kids in these activities. Cleaning is boring. But when you include ritual, and bells, and crystals, and spray bottles(!) … kids love all of this stuff!

And what a beautiful lesson to teach them (and ourselves) …

How to find the sacred even in the everyday tasks of cleaning house. 

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Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is one of the single biggest offenders when it comes to stagnant energy in your home. Clutter is a magnet. Have you ever noticed when there’s a few things cluttering your counter, how more and more clutter is attracted to it? And suddenly its a huge, messy pile?

The same is true with energy. You want the energy to flow freely through your home. And just like the junk on your counter, when there’s clutter–energy gets stuck there.

Spend some time cleaning up the visible clutter. Don’t go crazy, focus on things you can see–the papers piled on the kitchen counter, that spot in your dining room where miscellaneous junk collects.

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Wipe down all surfaces. 

Dust all the surfaces in your home. All that dust is old, dirty energy.

It represents all the things you carry around that you really don’t need in your life anymore.

With each satisfying wipe tell yourself, “I am cleaning away everything that doesn’t serve me anymore.”

Our spirits can get dusty, just like our shelves. We need to spend time throughout the year wiping away old annoyances, habits, baggage we carry around that dull our spirits. Autumn is a powerful time to do this.

Use a mild witch hazel solution to infuse your home with additional protection and inspiration. Just dilute the witch hazel: 10 parts water to 1 part witch hazel.

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Mop Floors

Use the witch hazel solution above to mop your floor; add vinegar, which helps get rid of unwanted energy. Lastly, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Move clockwise through your house and through each room as you mop. Traditionally, moving in a clockwise motion is considered lucky and auspicious. Clockwise is the direction the sun moves. You are moving in harmony with the natural world when you perform rituals in a clockwise motion.

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Vacuum Carpets

Prior to vacuuming, sprinkle this Carpet Sprinkle mixture (from Sarah Anne Lawless) on all your carpets and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then vacuum your carpets really well.

Spiritual Cleansing Carpet Sprinkle
1 cup baking soda
1 tsp fine sea salt
1 tsp powdered dried basil
5 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil

Mix in a bowl and crush any lumps formed by the essential oils then add to an old empty and rinsed herb or spice shaker. Walk around your home sprinkling a light coat on all your carpeting and carpeted stairs. Not only does it magically clean the carpet, it also removes odors and helps release any pet hair and dander in the carpet for easier vacuuming.

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Sweep outside entrances.

This is where most of the energy enters our homes, so we want make it’s clear, positive, and fresh. Remember to sweep the steps, the doorways, etc.

Consider placing a protective symbol at each entrance, such as:

• A mirror near your front door. It should face out to reflect negative energy & keep it from entering your home.

• A horseshoe above your door. Horseshoes are believed to repel negativity from entering your house. They  bring good luck to everyone who passes underneath it.

• Wind chimes. They’re believed to scare away evil spirits. And … who doesn’t love a tinkling wind chime?!

• Find more ideas here

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Cleanse the Energy of Your Home

Here’s a very simple sage smudging ritual to clear your home of all the negative energy still lingering in the corners.

1. Start in a room where the energy feels the most stagnant. Which room do you hate spending time in? Start there.

2. Light your smudging stick. Let it catch fire and them blow out, like you would a stick of incense. Carry a bowl with you to catch anything that falls away from your smudging stick.

3. Start in the doorway and move in a clockwise direction through the room. (Again, moving clockwise is moving in harmony with the natural world.)

4. Use your hand to waft the smoke into every area of the room. Raise & lower your smudging stick so the smoke gets the floor, as well as the ceiling. Pay special attention to the corners in each room. Stagnant energy gets stuck in the corners.

5. Wear a strand of bells on your wrist to ring as you go. Have the kids ring bells behind you as you smudge. The ringing helps clear out negative energy.

6. In each room say:

 “I cleanse this room of negativity and any energy that doesn’t support our family. Only happiness and positivity will prosper here.”

7. Move in a clockwise direction around your home and repeat this process throughout every room in your house.

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Protect Your Home Against Negative Energies

Lastly, take some time to seal your home from any negative & unwanted energy. These are fun, simple ways yo protect your home that the kids will love.

While performing one of these simple rituals repeat, “This home is protected. This home is secure. Negativity & evil may do no harm here.”

• Bury a penny about 1″ deep, right side up, at each corner of your home.
Copper is considered sacred to the goddesses of home, hearth & domesticity. Placing a copper penny at each corner protects your home from negative energy and evil spirits. Copper also attracts good fortune & prosperity.

• Sprinkle salt water around the outside walls of your home and at each entrance. Salt is known to have magical properties of protection, purification and healing. It absorbs unwanted energy.

• Place crystals in the corners of your home.
Two important crystals for protection of your home are Black Tourmaline & Selenite–Black Tourmaline is the protective shield of your home & Selenite is its guardian angel. (Energy Muse)
After placing your crystals, find a place in the center of your home where you can sit, focus, and set your intention. Repeat the mantra above & visualize the crystals forming a powerful, protective shield around your home.

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*As with every single ritual & activity you’ll find on The Seasonal Soul–take what works for you and leave the rest. Feel free to alter & adjust however feels right to you. The point is to feel comfortable and confident with whatever rituals you perform–that’s how you attract the energy you desire. Use this ritual as a jumping off point. Make it your own!

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