5 Steps to Get Out of a Funk & Reconnect with your High Vibe Self

How are you feeling right now? How’s your energy? How’s your spirit?

If you’re feeling low energy, off balance, overwhelmed, or out-of-sorts, you’re definitely not alone. 

We are approaching the change of seasons & that often makes the energy feel quite heavy. This time at the end of winter is also a time of big changes & transitions which can add to all the funky energy.

Plus, we’ve been riding the wave of eclipse energy the last couple weeks; beginning with the lunar eclipse at the end of January & last week’s partial solar eclipse. Eclipse energy is intense, it brings up things that affect us emotionally & spiritually.

Being on a spiritual path doesn not prevent you from facing times of darkness. But it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow.A combo of all these things may have you feeling out of sorts in a multitude of ways.


I’ve also been traveling recently. And, if I’m not careful, traveling often means I’m not exercising, I don’t eat well, I don’t drink enough water, I don’t maintain my daily spiritual practice. I’m drinking too much alcohol alcohol more than I do in my regular life. Combine all that with the heavy energy that’s swirling around us right now and let me tell you …  I feel tired. My brain is sluggish. I feel disconnected & out of my flow.

And predictably, when I feel weak in body, mind & spirit, my ego sees an opportunity & pounces on my weakness. All those negative scripts that I work hard to keep quiet creep in & I can find myself in a downward mental spiral.

And that’s life, right?!

One day you’re going along & you feel great. You feel on top of things. Life is good. You feel connected. You’re in the flow. You’re inspired & confident.

And then all of a sudden … you’re not.

For whatever reason, things suddenly feel heavy. You feel blaachh. You can’t focus. You’re uninspired & unmotivated. You were feeling so sure of yourself and suddenly that all feels lost.

Unfortunately, that’s the ebb & flow of life.

There will always be things, moments, energy in the air, that will knock you out of your flow. 

The question is – how quickly & easily can you pick yourself up & bring yourself back into alignment?

Here are my 5 simple steps that help me get out of a funk & back into the flow when I’m feeling out of alignment with my highest self.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox
5 Steps to Get Out of an Emotional Funk & Reconnect with your High Vibe Self


How to Get Yourself out of a Funk: #1 Drink WaterI know, its annoyingly simple. But really, you probably need to drink more water. And then … drink more water. Always, when I’m feeling out of sorts, my body is dehydrated.

​​​​​​​Here’s a couple tricks I use to get myself to drink more water:

1. Use a large water bottle, 24 or 32 ounces & determine how many you need to drink in a day. Drinking 3 large bottles is mentally easier for me than drinking 8 small glasses.

2. Try dividing the day into chunks & chug a glass of water at 8 points throughout the day. For example, down a whole glass: first thing in the AM (pre-coffee), mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, before dinner, at dinner, after dinner. And boom, without trying too hard you’ve met your goal.


How to Get Yourself out of a Funk: #2 Move Your BodyAgain, irritatingly simple. But when I’m in a funk, the first thing I abandon is my exercise routine. Which only contributes to the downward spiral.

Moving your body doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need a gym, it doesn’t need to be elaborate. My go-to is: take a walk. Its easy & simple. And, it has the added benefit of getting you outside. 

My other preferred method of moving my body when I’m feeling all blaach is restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is a beautiful yoga practice that involves using props to hold poses for long periods of time. It’s all about stretching your body & connecting to your breath. It has a peaceful, meditative quality to it. And, it’s feels so good for your body.


How to Get Yourself out of a Funk: #3 Eat WellWhen I’m feeling run down I usually avoid cooking. Instead opting for quick & easy meals. Too often that involves my car & a drive-thru window. Feeding your body crap when it’s already feeling rundown will only perpetuate your situation.

Try to fuel your body with things that are nourishing; things that will build you back up, not deplete you further. My Go-To’s are smoothies & salads.

I try to keep fruits & spinach in my freezer at all times. I just freeze up bananas & spinach before they go bad, and I always have some frozen & available. Just blend these up with whatever milk or yogurt you have in your fridge, add a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter, and voila, you have an easy, healthy breakfast or snack.


How to Get Yourself out of a Funk: #4 MeditateMeditation, I’m learning, is a mainline connection to your Higher Self. It’s the most effective way I’ve found to center myself.

When I’m feeling out of sorts & depleted, meditation very clearly & effectively refuels me. And, meditation doesn’t need to be complicated.

Often, my meditation is simply breathing. I take a deep breath in for a count of 6, and a long exhale for a count of 6. I’ll set the timer on my phone & do this for 5 minutes, (5 min!), and I feel noticeably more grounded.


How to Get Yourself out of a Funk: #5 Embrace this as a Learning ExperienceWe all know the Carl Jung quote, “What we resist, persists.” That is definitely true when you’re in a funk. When I try to resist it & just power through, I only end up deeper down the negative spiral.

Instead, view this time as a learning experience & an opportunity to practice bringing yourself back to alignment.

Because life will always ebb & flow.

I will forever have to deal with times in my life where things feel heavy, where I’m disconnected from my High Vibe self & feel like I’m just in a funk.

The more opportunities I have to practice bringing myself back to alignment, the quicker I’ll be able to reconnect with my higher self when I’m in a funk.

So, along with committing to #s 1-4, I’m also going to use this mantra throughout the coming days:

This is a difficult time & I feel compassion for myself.
But, I embrace this opportunity to grow through love.

Pause & repeat this mantra to yourself anytime you need to reset this week. You can also repeat this mantra during your meditation.

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  1. Michelle Avatar

    these. are. my. favorite. things.

    love your words, friend!

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      ❤❤❤ Thank you, sweet Michelle.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Thank you!

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