I’m a Fool … (and Why You Should Be Too)

As many of you know, I recently relocated from Seattle USA to Dublin, Ireland. It’s been a very literal season of rebirth & new beginnings for me this Spring.

We are constantly undergoing personal rebirths & experiencing new beginnings throughout our lives. Rarer, to experience an entire dismantling of your life, and rebuilding it anew. It’s definitely given me a deeper, more complex view, of this messy process of being reborn.

So often we talk about personal rebirth in a super positive & uplifting light. (I definitely do it all the time around here.) The idea of new beginnings is exciting. It’s inspiring. We talk with stars in our eyes about the amazing things we’re going to do, Be, and create for ourselves. We feel electrified by changes we plan to make; inspired by new things we’re going to build & bring into our lives.

Less often (like almost never) do we talk about how Change is Really. Fucking. Hard.

We forget that giving birth & bringing new things to life is super frickin’ hard, really messy, work. (That’s why, ultimately, we have such a hard time really sticking with changes we want to make.) It’s exciting; yes. It’s positive; yes. It’s inspiring; of course. AND … it’s really, really HARD.

Moving to Dublin is an AMAZING adventure for my family. What an incredible privilege that we get to come here & build these new lives in a new country.

AND … it’s been really fucking hard.

One of the hardest parts is all the self-doubt & uncertainty that creeps in when you’re making big changes in your life. And, fear. (Of course fear. I mean, it’s ALL fear, isn’t it?! Fear, just masquerading around as other emotions.) Fear of change. Fear of the unknown.

As I’ve been moving through this past month of transition I’ve had moments of being absolutely paralyzed by fear & self-doubt: doubting where we’ve chosen to live, doubting the schools we’ve decided to send our kids to, doubting this enormous change we’ve taken on.

I’ve just been consumed by all the fear & all the doubt as I emerge from this cocoon into my own new beginning.

Finally, I had the presence of mind to turn to my tarot cards. I asked my cards:

What do I NEED right now?
How can I move forward?

(This is a GREAT question to ask the tarot when you’re struggling, BTW.)

The cards answered: THE FOOL. What I need right now is The Fool. 💖

Summer Solstice Ritual • Embrace the Fool

The Fool is the very first card in the Major Arcana–the very beginning of a brand new journey, a new chapter of evolution in your life.

The Fool doesn’t stress or worry or obsess about what’s to come. The Fool doesn’t question, “Did I make the right decision? Is this the right thing to do??” The Fool doesn’t waste time with self-doubt & fear. Without any forethought or stress, the Fool just dives in.

The Fool jumps right off the edge of the cliff
& trusts that the Universe will catch her.

The Fool knows everything will work out in the end, so she doesn’t need to worry. She’s just ready for the experience, for the adventure of it all. She’s a carefree, playful spirit setting off on a brand journey, a new beginning.

I mean … what a breath of frickin’ fresh air! What a huge weight off your shoulders. What a beautiful omen to see at the start of a new journey; what powerful energy to be reminded to embrace when you’re experiencing a brand new beginning.

Spring has been a season of new beginnings for all of us. Whether you’ve moved across the world, or you’ve made a small shift in your mindset–your spirit is still experiencing this energy of rebirth.

What is newly beginning for you? Where are you experience rebirth right now?

How is that challenging you? In what ways are you struggling because of it? How is fear getting in your way?

And where can you embrace the energy of The Fool to make this time in your life easier? Lighter? More carefree, less stressful, and fun??!!

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