• 5 Tips to Stay Relaxed & Present Through the Holiday Madness

    So … we’re in Cold Season. I’m actually writing this blog post sick in bed. My husband & my youngest are also snuggled & sick together upstairs. Oy vey! We’re a mess. (Yet another reason for extra self-care this season!!) We are in the darkest days of the year, and this is the season for Rest. These days right now are for […]

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  • The Spiritual Meaning of the Winter Solstice

    The Spiritual Meaning of the Winter Solstice

    The Winter Solstice arrives in the northern hemisphere on December 21. It is the shortest day of the year, and a very powerful time on the Wheel of the Year. Here’s a closer look at what we’re celebrating on this meaningful seasonal day & how its energy influences you on a deeper level. What are […]

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  • A Simple Winter Solstice Ritual to Manifest Your New Year Dreams

    This ritual is intended to open you up to the positive energy & countless possibilities available at the beginning of a brand new year. Leave behind negativity–anything that’s holding you back–leave it behind with the old year, and make your new year dreams come true. Winter Solstice Journal Qs  First, spend some time reflecting on the year ending […]

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  • A Sweet Winter Solstice Ritual for the Whole Family

    A Sweet Winter Solstice Ritual for the Whole Family

    Celebrate the Winter Solstice with your children by performing this simple Yule Ritual with your whole Family. If you’re able, I encourage you to take a family walk before your ritual. Collect ‘Signs of Winter’–any branches, berries, pinecones, etc. that catch your eye. Use these as the centerpiece, and place your candles around them for […]

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  • How Samhain Supports Your Personal Growth & Spiritual Evolution

    Samhain is a cross-quarter day, the days that mark the mid-point of the season. Here at the mid-point we can really see the shift in the seasonal energy. It’s very clear we’re in autumn. At the Equinox the energy was still mingled with summer, our inner & outer worlds swirling around each other; a time […]

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  • Samhain Tarot Spread to Connect with Your Highest Self

    1. What is ready to die within me?What do I need to release in order to transform? 2. What do my shadows have to reveal?What is emerging from the growing darkness? 3. How can I best nourish myself this season? 4. What magic is brewing in the growing darkness? 5. What message do my ancestors have for […]

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  • Powerful Journal Qs for the Autumn Equinox – A Simple Mabon Ritual

    I always use the change of seasons as an opportunity to pause and reflect. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your life, your Self, and any growth & changes you’ve gone through over the year so far. When we look closely at the energy present in each season & what’s happening in nature, we’re able to […]

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  • How to Clear the Energy of your Home for the Inner Months Ahead

    As the wheel turns toward the dark half of the year, we begin spending more time indoors.  Our energy is drawn inward, and our spirits yearn for all things cozy & warm. Autumn is the perfect time to cleanse the energy of your home, in  preparation for the inside months ahead.  You’ll be spending more & more time […]

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  • Cultivate Gratitude – A Family Autumn Equinox Celebration

    One of the most prominent themes of this time of year is gratitude. Summer is ending–a season of so much joy & fun.  I feel so much gratitude for all the awesome adventures & experiences I had the last few months–all the people I got to spend time with. My heart is full. ❤ I want to […]

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  • 8 Simple Ways to Celebrate Lughnasa

    8 Simple Ways to Celebrate Lughnasa

    Lughnasa is the beginning of harvest season. It’s the mid-point of summer (also called Lughnasadh or Lammas). It is a busy time in the garden! So many delicious things are coming into harvest now. Lughnasa is when we pause & celebrate that. We are beginning to see the fruits of our labor. We’re beginning to […]

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