• Samhain Tarot Spread to Connect with Your Highest Self

    1. What is ready to die within me?What do I need to release in order to transform? 2. What do my shadows have to reveal?What is emerging from the growing darkness? 3. How can I best nourish myself this season? 4. What magic is brewing in the growing darkness? 5. What message do my ancestors have for […]

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  • Summer Solstice Tarot Spread: Discover what Summer holds for You

    .For this Summer Solstice Tarot Spread, take several deep breaths to ground & center. Once you’re ready simply shuffle your deck & pull 9 cards for each of the questions below. I like to read each question out loud as I pull the corresponding card. Study the card & see what information you can intuit from the image. […]

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  • I’m a Fool … (and Why You Should Be Too)

    I’m a Fool … (and Why You Should Be Too)

    As many of you know, I recently relocated from Seattle USA to Dublin, Ireland. It’s been a very literal season of rebirth & new beginnings for me this Spring. We are constantly undergoing personal rebirths & experiencing new beginnings throughout our lives. Rarer, to experience an entire dismantling of your life, and rebuilding it anew. […]

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  • Inspire Deep Personal Growth this Spring with this Full Moon Ritual

    We work so hard. We’re always working so hard–in our lives, on our selves, and on our dreams. It’s hard work seeking, and learning, and growing, and evolving. Too often we forget the other side of the equation. We work so hard on the doing part of creating. We forget about the resting part. We forget […]

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  • Tarot Spread for the Spring New Moon

    Tarot Spread for the Spring New Moon

    Spring is here. And with it, new beginnings are being born in your life. Can you feel it?!! Spring has an exciting & inspiring energy about it. Like anything is possible. You might be feeling alive with new ideas. You might be feeling ready to release new dreams & intentions into the Universe. Spring brings a […]

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  • Your Tarotscope for the January New Moon Cycle

    Your Tarotscope for the January New Moon Cycle

    At the beginning of every new moon cycle I like to pull an oracle card & a tarot card to tell us what the themes for the month will be, and how we can use the moon’s nurturing, supportive energy to fuel our personal growth. Here’s your Tarotscope for the January new moon cycle … […]

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  • How To Move Forward When the Future Suddenly Seems So Dark

    How To Move Forward When the Future Suddenly Seems So Dark

    What a day, right? I can’t even write about my feelings about all this yet. It’s really overwhelming. And it’s really heavy. But I’ll tell you, I am so heartened by the outpouring of love I’ve witnessed today. People telling each other they’re loved. Friends. Teachers. Strangers. Sisters. Mothers. I’ve witnessed so many beautiful exchanges of […]

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