• 8 Simple Ways to Celebrate Lughnasa

    8 Simple Ways to Celebrate Lughnasa

    Lughnasa is the beginning of harvest season. It’s the mid-point of summer (also called Lughnasadh or Lammas). It is a busy time in the garden! So many delicious things are coming into harvest now. Lughnasa is when we pause & celebrate that. We are beginning to see the fruits of our labor. We’re beginning to […]

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  • What is the meaning of Lughnasa? How does it affect you spiritually?

      What is Lughnasa? Lughnasa is an ancient Celtic holiday, celebrating the beginning of harvest season. With the arrival it of Christianity it became Lammas – the first grain harvest of the season. Grain has been an important crop to almost every civilization since nearly the beginning of time. For many of us, we no longer spend time reflecting on […]

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  • Journal Qs for Lughnasa: You Have the Power to Harvest Your Dreams

    Lughnasa is the sacred seasonal day celebrated around August 1. This is the cross-quarter day that marks the mid-point of summer. The energy has shifted since the Summer Solstice, and we can feel that the Wheel of the Year is turning.  The days are growing visibly shorter. The grass is becoming dry and brown. (My sunflowers are […]

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  • Why the Summer Solstice is So Meaningful & How it Affects Your Life

    The Summer Solstice is approaching. That powerful planetary moment when the tilt of the Earth brings us closest to the sun. This is an extremely powerful moment in our year and here’s why … 1) The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year. Since the Winter Solstice the days have been slowly growing […]

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

    5 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

    The Summer Solstice arrives in the northern hemisphere on between June 20 & June 22, (December 20-December 22 in the southern hemisphere.) It’s a beautiful day to pause and soak in the abundant, rich, hot, fire energy of summer. Take a moment today to connect more deeply with yourself, and your Divine. (For more information on why the […]

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  • The 5 Soul Lessons Summer’s Here to Teach You

    The 5 Soul Lessons Summer’s Here to Teach You

    1. Honor your Inner Fire. The element of Summer is fire. At the Summer Solstice the sun is at its height. Its powerful fire will nourish and grow the plants in our gardens over the upcoming weeks and months. Fall’s harvests won’t come without the sun. In summer we are reminded our sun is sacred. Just […]

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  • Protect Yourself Now So You Aren’t Overwhelmed by Summer’s Intense Energy

    Every year I feel completely overrun & totally exhausted by the time summer is over. My summer is always filled with fun things – adventures, travels, camping, visits with friends. But, I usually end up completely over-scheduled & feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck by the time September rolls around. Part of […]

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  • July New Moon: Be Fierce & Fiery. Also … Rest Like a Lioness.

    This New Moon carries us into the Ripening Time on the Wheel of the Year. (Kenneth Meadows) This is the point in the year, and in the summer season, when the sun is at its hottest. And that hot summer sun is beginning to ripen the fruit on the vines & the trees. Things you’ve been building, creating & […]

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  • Align with your Inner Spark & Reveal your True Self this Solar Eclipse

    The Solar Eclipse is a very powerful astrological phenomenon. Eclipses bring with them very potent energy; creating opportunities for massive transformation & growth in our lives. Here’s what I’m learning about the upcoming solar eclipse (on Tuesday, July 2): The Solar Eclipse is a New Moon magnified.  Solar eclipses only occur during a New Moon. (Similarly, lunar eclipses […]

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