spring ritual

  • Plant Powerful Spring Intentions with this Sweet Beltane Ritual

      Beltane (May 1st) is an extremely powerful time of the year for setting new intentions. On Beltane, the Earth is at its most fertile. Everything is blooming & growing, and life is thriving. This is the time of year when we begin planting in our gardens. Everything is coming to life, and the Earth is rich […]

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  • Simple Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

    Simple Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

    The Spring Equinox is a powerful seasonal day, celebrated by ancient peoples all throughout human history. (Read more about the power of this sacred day, here.) I really encourage you to find some time around the Equinox to pause & celebrate this meaningful seasonal shift. Here are a few simple ways you can celebrate this […]

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  • A Sweet Spring Equinox Ritual for Kids & Families

    A Sweet Spring Equinox Ritual for Kids & Families

    An important part of my spiritual practice is planning a family celebration to observe the Sacred Seasonal Days–the equinoxes & the solstices. I try to make these as simple as possible, to ensure we actually do the seasonal celebrations. I’ve found the more complicated the plans are, the greater the likelihood I’ll just feel tired & overwhelmed, […]

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  • Introduce Your Kids to the Power of Spring with this Sweet Craft

    I always try to plan simple, seasonal activities to do with my kids throughout the year. I use this as a time to connect, talk about the meaning of the season*, and share any wisdom the current season has to impart. (*See below for conversation topics you can have with your kids about the meaning of […]

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  • New Moon Ritual: Expand Your Confidence So You Can Grow & Evolve This Summer

    One of your spiritual tasks during this time in Spring is to engage in soul work designed to increase your self-confidence. This moon cycle is carrying us into the fire of Summer. (Can you believe it?! The next moon cycle it will be summer!!) Summer is all about fire, energy & passion. If you connect with your most confident […]

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  • Inspire Deep Personal Growth this Spring with this Full Moon Ritual

    We work so hard. We’re always working so hard–in our lives, on our selves, and on our dreams. It’s hard work seeking, and learning, and growing, and evolving. Too often we forget the other side of the equation. We work so hard on the doing part of creating. We forget about the resting part. We forget […]

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  • New Moon Ritual to Create Massive Growth in Your Life this Spring

    This moon cycle carries us into Spring! 🌱 And with it comes a rebirth. New beginnings are everywhere in the world around you: in nature, and in your spirit. (There may be tinglings of new beginnings in all different places in your life.) Right now life is beginning to reemerge. Soon Nature will be reborn. Bulbs are already sprouting, early spring […]

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  • Full Moon Blessing to Honor Your Mothers

    Full Moon Blessing to Honor Your Mothers

    This week’s Full Moon arrives at the same time that many of us are preparing to honor the mothers in our lives. (In the U.S., Canada, Australia & many, many other countries, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, May 14th.) Even if you’re country isn’t observing Mother’s Day this week, spring has long been a traditional time to […]

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  • Planting Intentions by the Power of the New Moon

    Planting Intentions by the Power of the New Moon

    Today’s New Moon comes at a powerful time. Beltane is on Monday, and these two combine making this a very powerful time for setting intentions for the coming months of growing & harvesting. Spring is, of course, the time for planting your garden. The ground is alive and rich. The rain is nourishing. The sun is bright & […]

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