Spring Equinox

  • How the Spring Equinox Supports You, Spiritually & Emotionally

    The Spring Equinox is a joyful holiday centered around rebirth & growth. It is the arrival of spring! The Earth is coming alive again. The Spring Equinox is a festival of awakening, and rebirth. The dark months are now over & we’re moving into the warmth of the light. (The sun will continue to grow […]

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  • Simple Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

    Simple Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

    The Spring Equinox is a powerful seasonal day, celebrated by ancient peoples all throughout human history. (Read more about the power of this sacred day, here.) I really encourage you to find some time around the Equinox to pause & celebrate this meaningful seasonal shift. Here are a few simple ways you can celebrate this […]

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  • A Sweet Spring Equinox Ritual for Kids & Families

    A Sweet Spring Equinox Ritual for Kids & Families

    An important part of my spiritual practice is planning a family celebration to observe the Sacred Seasonal Days–the equinoxes & the solstices. I try to make these as simple as possible, to ensure we actually do the seasonal celebrations. I’ve found the more complicated the plans are, the greater the likelihood I’ll just feel tired & overwhelmed, […]

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  • Restore Balance to Your Life with the Grounding Energy of Spring

    The Spring Equinox is quickly approaching. On the Equinoxes the Earth is in perfect balance. On the Winter Solstice, the northern hemisphere was tilted as far away from the sun as possible. Throughout winter & spring the Earth continues to tilt back toward the sun & on the Summer Solstice, our hemisphere is as close to […]

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  • New Moon Ritual to Create Massive Growth in Your Life this Spring

    This moon cycle carries us into Spring! 🌱 And with it comes a rebirth. New beginnings are everywhere in the world around you: in nature, and in your spirit. (There may be tinglings of new beginnings in all different places in your life.) Right now life is beginning to reemerge. Soon Nature will be reborn. Bulbs are already sprouting, early spring […]

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