• 5 Tips to Stay Relaxed & Present Through the Holiday Madness

    So … we’re in Cold Season. I’m actually writing this blog post sick in bed. My husband & my youngest are also snuggled & sick together upstairs. Oy vey! We’re a mess. (Yet another reason for extra self-care this season!!) We are in the darkest days of the year, and this is the season for Rest. These days right now are for […]

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  • Protect Yourself Now So You Aren’t Overwhelmed by Summer’s Intense Energy

    Every year I feel completely overrun & totally exhausted by the time summer is over. My summer is always filled with fun things – adventures, travels, camping, visits with friends. But, I usually end up completely over-scheduled & feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck by the time September rolls around. Part of […]

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  • How does January’s new Moon support your personal growth?

    This New Moon  carries us into a resting & cleansing time in the wheel of the year. This is a very gentle time of preparation for the year to come. Right now  we’re doing a final clearing out; clearing the last remains of all those things we really want to leave behind with the old […]

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  • The 3 Critical Spiritual Tasks for Winter

    The 3 Critical Spiritual Tasks for Winter

    In winter you are renewing your spirit & your mind for everything to come this year. Do not slack on these 3, crucial, spiritual tasks for winter …  

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  • 4 Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Divine Feminine this Winter

    We are entering the Feminine side of the Wheel of the Year; the season of Yin energy. Yin/Feminine energy is restful. Its receiving instead of doing. It’s letting go & being in the moment. It’s being still. It’s being open. It’s opening your heart & opening your mind so you can receive your forthcoming gifts from the Universe. This […]

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  • Quit Beating Yourself Up … Feel Frickin’ Proud Of Yourself This Fall

    My To Do List is always so long. Like, ridiculously long. Unrealistically long. As soon as something gets crossed off the list, there’s another hundred and one things to replace it. Can you relate? It feels so overwhelming and demoralizing sometimes. And it always provokes this relentless script that rolls in my head, “Gawd! I […]

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  • 3 Ways to Evolve with February’s Full Moon

    3 Ways to Evolve with February’s Full Moon

    Late-winter is a time of Initiations. It’s a time of being tested, a time of facing challenges. In order to begin something new you have to change. Before you can grow into something new, you have to leave behind what is safe & comfortable  This time at late-winter is a time of personal & spiritual initiations. Right […]

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  • 5 Steps to Get Out of a Funk & Reconnect with your High Vibe Self

    How are you feeling right now? How’s your energy? How’s your spirit? If you’re feeling low energy, off balance, overwhelmed, or out-of-sorts, you’re definitely not alone.  We are approaching the change of seasons & that often makes the energy feel quite heavy. This time at the end of winter is also a time of big changes […]

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  • Feeling fragile? You’re not alone.

    Feeling fragile? You’re not alone.

    Summer has officially arrived here in the northern hemisphere and I wanted to send you all a wish for a really fun, happy, adventurous summer. I’m definitely excited about all the fun things my family has planned this summer; camping, BBQs, road trips, a trip to the water slides. It’s so easy to get swept […]

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