• What is Beltane? The spiritual significance of May Day

    Beltane is the cross-quarter day that marks the mid-point in Spring. We are now half way between the Spring Equinox & the Summer Solstice. In the middle of the season there is a clear difference in the energy compared to the beginning of the season. You can see evidence that the wheel has shifted. The days […]

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  • Plant Powerful Spring Intentions with this Sweet Beltane Ritual

      Beltane (May 1st) is an extremely powerful time of the year for setting new intentions. On Beltane, the Earth is at its most fertile. Everything is blooming & growing, and life is thriving. This is the time of year when we begin planting in our gardens. Everything is coming to life, and the Earth is rich […]

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  • Use the Energy of April’s New Moon to Grow & Evolve

    This is the first of spring’s three moon cycles. The first moon cycle was a time of awakening: Our spirits woke up from our winter’s rest, and we’ve been looking at all our new dreams–deciding which ones we feel really excited to bring into our lives this year. Last month was a time of open-minded, playful exploration of your […]

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  • Planting Intentions by the Power of the New Moon

    Planting Intentions by the Power of the New Moon

    Today’s New Moon comes at a powerful time. Beltane is on Monday, and these two combine making this a very powerful time for setting intentions for the coming months of growing & harvesting. Spring is, of course, the time for planting your garden. The ground is alive and rich. The rain is nourishing. The sun is bright & […]

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  • What’s the Big Deal about Mid-Spring?

    What’s the Big Deal about Mid-Spring?

    1. Everything is bursting with life right now. May is, hands down, one of the most gorgeous months of the year. Abundant, vibrant, delicious life is bursting all around us. The leaves have returned to the trees. Shrubs I cut down to the ground last fall are now 3’x3’ bushy bushes. Our hops are 6’ […]

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  • Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

      Mid-Spring is a Super Sexy Time of Year Everything is just really damn sexy. The colors! They’re so vibrant and rich. Those brand new baby green leaves on the trees are, like, day-glo. The flowers right now are so seductive and gorgeous. And their scent! Have you smelled a freshly bloomed rose yet?! They’re […]

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  • Happy May Day, friends!

    Happy May Day, friends!

    And, welcome to The Seasonal Soul. May Day feels like a meaningful day to give birth to this new, beautiful, (kind of scary, and super vulnerable) endeavor. May Day is a day of joyful celebration for all the new life exploding all around us – the flowers, and the birds, and the trees. It’s also […]

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