July New Moon: Be Fierce & Fiery. Also … Rest Like a Lioness.

This New Moon carries us into the Ripening Time on the Wheel of the Year. (Kenneth Meadows) This is the point in the year, and in the summer season, when the sun is at its hottest. And that hot summer sun is beginning to ripen the fruit on the vines & the trees.

Things you’ve been building, creating & working toward are also ripening in your life.

(Look around, where can see juicy, plump fruit beginning to ripen in your life? Are there things you’ve been working hard ondreams you’ve been chasing, projects you’ve been building, inner gardens you’ve been cultivating & growing–that are beginning to show signs of ripeness?)

The previous moon cycle was a period of really big growth. A period of garden plants spilling out of their neatly planted rows, shrubs exploding in all directions. Big, massive growth.

(Where can you feel some of that growth in your life?) 

The same thing has been happening to you. You have also been experiencing this expansive growth.

And whether you realize it or not, you have been working hard on all that growth.

This new moon is encouraging you to pause for a moment. Pause from your hard summer work.

Summer is fiery & energetic. But its also kind of exhausting. You’ve already been working hard this summer. Its hard work cultivating growth in your garden, your work, your life. It’s hard work, the summer traveling & adventuring & entertaining. If you have kids home from summer vacation, it is hard work being out of your regular routine. You work damn hard in the summer. (Even if it is all fun & adventure. Still. It’s a lot.)

This new moon is reminding you to pause when you can. Indulge in summertime rest – nap in a hammock, enjoy a cold beverage on your porch, bask in the sun on a summer afternoon. This new moon is encouraging you to steal those moments whenever you can.

Take some time to rest & refresh now. Because the harvest season will quickly be upon us.

All that growth in your garden (literal & metaphoric) … it needs to be tended. It needs harvested. It needs cut back, composted, cleaned out, the soil prepped for next year–all that hard work is ahead of us this year. So make sure you take plenty of time to rest with this moon cycle.

This New Moon carries us into the fiery sign of Leo.

Leo is the Lion. King of the jungle. He is bold, strong, active & energetic. His energy is fierce & fiery. He is bringing you uplifting, positive, active energy to complete your work this year. He fills you with motivation & optimism to help you shine your light & do your good work in the world.

He wants you to create the life you’ve always dreamed & he’s bringing his King of the Jungle energy to help you do that.

(How can you connect with your own King or Queen of the Jungle?)

This moon cycle will fuel you to take on the difficult tasks that remain ahead of you. This Leo moon brings you the energy that will help you finish your work this year.

And when you have so much fiery energy pushing you, fueling you–you run the risk of burn out.  Do not forget what a master napper the Lion is. (A lion naps 20 hours a day! Twenty!!) Make sure you connect with this aspect of the mighty lion as well. Think of all those long, hot afternoon hours, the lions lay, just napping in the shade.

So this moon cycle … be like the lion. Be fierce & fiery. And powerful.

And also rest. Like crazy.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Use this time to rest & recharge. Take it slow for the rest of this month. Because August is bringing huge things with it.

August is eclipse month. I’m excited to explore everything it will be bringing with it. Certainly it’s going to be giant!

So make sure to observe what stirs within you on this New Moon. What are you being drawn to? What’s coming up for you? What’s poking at you, inspiring you, irritating you, trying to get your attention? Be a curious observer about these things. Take note of what’s stirring. This New Moon is certain to bring small nuggets that will continue unfolding throughout this moon cycle & the eclipses.

This is certain to be a powerful moon cycle. Allow yourself to ride the wave of it all.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

Journal Qs & Soul Work for the July New Moon

Where can see plump fruit ripenning in your life? Are there things you’ve been working hard ondreams you’ve been chasing, projects you’ve been building, inner gardens you’ve been cultivating & growing–that are beginning to show signs of ripeness?

What work do you want to finish this summer? What efforts do you want this New Moon energy to fire up?

How can you connect with your inner Queen of the Jungle? 

Where do you feel drained? Tired? Where are you exerting too much energy?

How can you rest & recharge my batteries this moon cycle?

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  1. Michelle Avatar

    I love this, Erin! thank you so much for sharing. bring on the naps! <3

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