How does January’s new Moon support your personal growth?

This New Moon  carries us into a resting & cleansing time in the wheel of the year. This is a very gentle time of preparation for the year to come.

Right now  we’re doing a final clearing out; clearing the last remains of all those things we really want to leave behind with the old year.

It’s likely you’ve had things coming up for you over the last couple months–old habits, patterns, stories you tell yourself–that you’ve outgrown; that you’re ready to truly shed from your life.

This moon cycle is about clearing those things away.

It’s about finally clearing out the last of the autumn leaves gathered in the corner of your yard; that wet, muddy clump. It’s time to rake them out & toss ’em in the compost. Think of how much nicer your yard looks when you finally clear out all that old crap.

Ahhh!! … fresh &ready for spring.

This is the cleaning our Souls are craving this moon cycle. But, it’s a very gentle cleansing.

Where autumn is more of an active cleansing, winter is a more passive release. This is how winter’s feminine, Yin-energy supports your personal growth this season.

This is the time to recognize, and really understand, that there’s nothing you need to do to finally release those things you want to change in your life. There’s nothing more you need to do. Just release.

Practice this very simple prayer/meditation this month:

Ask for those things that are plaguing you to be cleared from your life. Say a prayer of thanks, and then let go. Let the light & knowledge that those things are finally cleansed away wash over you.

You don’t need to strive in your personal growth work this month. Right now your work is to release control, release your striving, release the incessant need to DO something active in your growth. Instead, just be.
The power of this moon cycle lies in the unseen. It’s the power of new life that’s hidden in the dark & cloaked in rest.

We struggle with this kind of work because we can’t see it happening, so we feel like we’re not doing anything. And then we get impatient, and doubt creeps in. This month we have to remember:

Important growth is happening,
even when you can’t see it.
(Especially when you can’t see it.)

We can’t see the power manifesting underground, right now, in winter. But it’s there. Powerful magic is buzzing in the crocuses & the daffodils, and in the first flowers of spring. We don’t see it happening but new life is becoming manifest in the dark.

This is also happening within you. Right now.

You may not see the growth that’s happening when you rest & simply receive. But that is winter’s magic. It’s so important that you allow yourself the stillness required for this quiet magic to take hold.

This moon cycle we begin shifting from winter’s dream world, to the more physical realms of spring, and especially summer. Right now those sparks of inspiration–winter’s dreams & new ideas–are hoping to taking root,so they can grow in the physical world.

This is a time for manifesting.
Your soulwork this month is :

• To continue to rest & just be still as much as possible.

• To cleanse your mind of the things it’s time to leave behind in the old year. This doesn’t require work or striving. Say the sweet prayer above & let go. You’re clearing your mind for the new visions & new dreams coming to you in winter’s remaining rest.

• Begin gently & lovingly collecting some of the sparks of inspiration floating around you. Do some manifesting work & sprinkle them with winter’s magic so they’ll start buzzing with new life in the winter’s darkness.

Sending you blessings for a super peaceful new moon cycle.

I hope this month brings you lots of juicy opportunities to rest, and inspires many sparks of dreams & fresh ideas for the year to come.

love, erin

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  1. Jacqueline Schriewer Avatar
    Jacqueline Schriewer

    I would really like to sign up for your membership but your payment processor is not secure. Is there any other way we can do this?

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Thank you Jacqueline. Our site & shopping cart are all secure, I do hope you’ll come join us in the subscription program!! Sending you so much love. xo

  2. Ellie Avatar


    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Thank you Ellie!!💕

  3. Leigh Avatar

    Lovely, just what I needed to hear today. Thank you Erin.

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      You’re so very welcome, Leigh!! 🙏❤️

  4. Laura Avatar

    Can feel the warmth and blessings in your words. They sum up exactly how I’m feeling and reassure me that deep inside, my soul knows what to do with me! Many many blessings back to you and warmest wishes for the coming Imbolc 2020- hopefully a time for the whole world to start to see things more clearly, with their hearts and then their eyes. X

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Laura. It means so much to me to hear that my words resonate with you. Thank you!! And yes, I couldn’t agree more – I know we are entering into a time where people are beginning to awaken & tune into the world on a much deeper level. Sending you so much love on your journey!!

  5. Melissa Avatar

    Thank you for this reminder. Too many gray days in Florida this year has left me struggling with some seasonal depression for the first time and pandemic doesn’t help. As an empath it’s difficult. Thank you for reminding me that this is a phase of the season and the Goddess is preparing something beautiful.

    1. Erin Bruce Avatar

      Thank you so much for your beautiful note, Melissa. I am so glad this was able to help you a little. I find this is one of the most meaningful parts of aligning with seasons – this awareness that often when we think something is wrong with us, that it’s actually just the season. Sending you so much love, erin xo

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