Summer Solstice Journal Prompts to Light Your Inner Fire

Journal Prompts for the Summer Solstice

Spending some time in self-reflection is an important component of any spiritual practice. For me, my spirituality is just as much about connecting with my Higher Self, as connecting with the Divine. (And, it’s all just the same thing anyway, right?!)

By asking ourselves questions related to what’s happening seasonally, we can connect with the powerful & unique energy present in that season and infuse our lives with insight, inspiration, sacred strength and wisdom.

Below are 4 empowering questions to ask yourself here at the cusp of summer.

Print this page (or bookmark it on your phone), grab your journal, and head outside to find a warm and peaceful place to spend some time quietly contemplating these fiery, summer questions.

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Summer is all about fire. The sun is blazing strong & bright. It’s a time for bonfires on the beach & campfires in the forest. In summer, things are ignited & inflamed.

This is the time for celebrating your own Inner Fire. That badass part of yourself that is super fierce. She’s tough and she’s strong and she’s awesome. She adds to your life in the most inspiring ways. Summer is the time to acknowledge & really celebrate that part of yourself.

• What has your inner fire helped you accomplish this year?

• Recount some moments where you felt really connected to that part of yourself.

• Pause for a second and acknowledge that fierce fire inside of you. She never gets the acknowledgement she deserves. Yet, she is amazing. Tell her how awesome you think she is.

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At the Summer Solstice the sun reaches its peak. It’s completed its cycle of growth and the days are the longest they will be all year. That makes this a powerful time to mark peak moments that have occurred in our own lives recently. (Usually thanks to those fierce inner fires.)

What peak moments have you experienced recently? Remember to think about peak spiritual moments as well. Sometimes those are the most powerful.

What have you accomplished this year that you feel really proud of? Is there something that required you to work super hard to complete? Acknowledge that hard work & accomplishment!

• We all spend so much time beating ourselves up for the things we don’t get done. Take a moment to acknowledge how much you do get done. It’s a lot. You work hard. Pause here and give yourself a genuine pat on the back. Life is hard. And you do your best. Which is spectacular. Be nice to yourself. Say thanks.

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After the sun completes its cycle and reaches its peak, we begin letting go as the days start getting shorter again. It’s life’s beautiful cycle of growing, reaching the peak, and then letting go in order to change and grow. Sometimes we are excited and so ready to let something go. Other times, its sad. And uncomfortable. And we feel resistant. But, when something has completed its purpose in your life, you need to let it go so you can change and grow.

• What are you actively working to let go of in your life? What has completed its purpose and now you’re so ready to move on from?

• Is there something you know you need to let go of and that’s making you feel sad? Or scared? Or uncomfortable?

• What would change about your life if you just let that go? What growth would that clear space for?

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In summer, we also find fierce fire energy raging through the forests. Forest fires have the potential for astonishing destruction. But, that destruction serves a purpose: it clears debris from the forest floor, it kills off disease and illness, it enriches the soil, it provides habitat for new life. Summer is the ideal time to invite that fire energy into our lives – use that fierce fire to burn away the things you’re resistant to letting go of.

• Take a moment & literally draw in some fierce summer fire energy to fuel the forest fire about to rage through your life. (Seriously. Pause right here and take 5 deep, belly breaths. Feel the fire entering your spirit with each breath.)

• Now, what do you want that fire to blaze through? What is no longer serving you that you are ready to burn down?

• What does your life look life after you burn down all the debris? What does your life feel like with the illness scorched out? What rich new life is going to take root? What will now grow stronger and more powerful with all the riffraff burned away?

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